Why is ranked TDM 1-2 squad type and not 1-4?

I just find it ridiculous that my friends and I cant play ranked TDM and KOTH is 1-4 but it’s not TDM. It’ just sad.


It is pretty ridiculous.

All the people who play king bit*** so hard in a game mode they don’t play it got changed.

I’ve been expressing why squads of 2 is terrible.

Playing with randoms always ensures a bad time.

Someone will go afk, quit, or be super toxic (on your team) like give up lives.

TC doesn’t seem to understand.

All they seem to be focused on is increasing the population for king of the hill.

So biased.

No consideration for their population who plays TDM which was just as big, if not bigger, than king.

Even since elementary, we got to pick who was on our team.

But some people in the community complain about sticks it’s crazy.

People complain about stacking when they choose to play solo. Like cmon. You’re choosing it.

Like putting your hand on a stove & complaining you got burned.

What did you expect.

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Yeah, I don t get that one neither. I m usually playing with 3 other ppl and now we are kinda forced to play social. A stacked team in social…