Why is ranked such a joke? Nobody has microphones anymore?

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Nobody spoke in Gears 4 either. It’s weird because a lot of other games I’ve played have had people using mics more often than gears but Gears is the more competitive community.
They sure like to type on the screen in Gears though. Won’t talk to you during the fight but they’ll sure complain in text chat.


Maybe the audio cues are important that talking drowns them out. Or they’re listening to music.

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I disabled voice chat cause i don’t need people tellin me how to play


As long as everyone knows what to do and is doing it there’s no need for mics. Plus I don’t need to listen to the person doing the worst in the match ■■■■■ about how it’s everybody else’s fault but their own. I’ll join a party every once in awhile but that’s about it.


The value of callouts always exceeds whatever audio cues are lost. I think a big part of it is that Western NA is mostly Mexican players (or was when I played). I’ve heard many Americans tell Mexican players to shut up and I’ve been told to shut up countless times by Spanish speaking players. It’s a real toxic environment.

I met a ton of people on Gears 4 by using my mic. Most of the time I’d hear some fumbling and then someone would say, “I had to find my mic, I didn’t think anyone spoke English in this game anymore.” That’s no exaggeration, I had that experience many, many times.


Two reasons:

  1. Between 7/10 and 9/10 players in every lobby speak Spanish only
  2. No one takes ranked that seriously. This isn’t Overwatch or CSGO where people are actually trying to grind up their elo or whatever. Gears players just don’t care that much. They care enough to complain that it’s trash, but not enough to try super hard.

Party chat and xbl code of conduct is why nobody uses mics . The good ol days of full mic lobbies and trash talk or just good fun talk are gone.

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Party chat, and now discord, have both killed any form of communication in game chat. People wanna talk with their friends playing other games, and maybe just don’t wanna get yelled at by random ppl online.

Not going to lie, though, I ■■■■■■■ miss the old days of XBL, when everybody had a mic and it was an endless parade of racial insults, mom jokes, and trash talk.


I don’t use my mic because I find the majority of people who talk in video games are a-holes. It’s a negative experience. They tell you you suck, they tell others they suck, they yell and scream and add no value, they assume they know what they’re doing and frequently they don’t. I’d rather just not talk or listen than deal with that.


Most people use party chat. Plus the amount of people using/not using mics is the least of my worries about ranked right now. Normally I don’t play with randoms on ranked anyways.

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I’d recommend joining a group prior to queuing. Mic required groups in lfg. It’s used in horde too with great success.

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Well in gears 4 the callouts were in n Spanish. I actually hear people on mic’s, I don’t think you can hear the other team at all though during any part of the lobby or see there global chat idk if it’s a bug or that’s the way TC wants it. Nobody talks though but most of the time when I do hear someone ask if anyone is mic up I actually do hear a reply.

So habla Espanola ? NO LOL

I feel this. Just played some Gears 4 last night with some forum members and got a bunch of hate mail in Spanish lol

I talk a lot on KOTH of with randoms, basically trying to give call outs and offer enthusiasm! Very rare I will slag off team mates. I’m mainly asking people to SPOT and throw smokes.

I have been thanked for this…and told to shut up!

No one cares about Overwatch either.

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Not just ranked, it makes Master Escape a nightmare in most cases, especially when there’s some smartass host that pauses the game continually to post messages. It grinds my “Gears”…

Only time I ever hear someone speak in a ranked game is when team is losing and saying we suck and all are trash lol

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Yep, before MS introduced party chat everyone used to talk on Gears of War (1). I always played Ranked with 3 English against a lot of teams full of Americans. Obviously everyone in our team had bad teeth etc. and everyone on the opposite was fat from eating at McDonalds every day. It was so stupid and dumb but oh so fun.

Oh man, I really miss the trash talk in between rounds or when almost everyone was dead and both teams were spectating the last people alive. But even if everyone used a mic now that wouldn’t be possible anyway though since they removed that option a long time ago :frowning:

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