Why is rank system so easy?

Are there any low ranks anymore or does everyone rank up high now?


Im low ranked cause…

You cant play with friends in ranked matches.

So i dont play ranked.

? Are you sure, how come I come up again 4 man “teams” on koth all with A next to their gamertag.

I thought it was limited to 2 man/woman teams ?

At OP as for ranking too easy, I don’t totally agree. I used to sit around Onyx on Gears 4 and I am roughly doing the same on 5. Albeit I keep dropping into Gold!
I’m very average though.

In koth you can play full stack
In tdm and gnasher 2v2 only 2ppl

And yes, you rank up easily, easier when you play alone. Solo players get 10% extra gp no matter if they loose or win

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Me solo recent updates

Versus when ranked MEANT SOMETHING

Squaded grind

Back when ranked mattered I would need 60+ games to be what I have this OP!!!


If you can’t hit masters now? Sorry.

Community got what it asked for. People were upset that the previous rank system was not progression system.

Now you have an actual progression system where you’re almost guarantees to hit the highest rank.

Congratulations community, you got what you asked for.



Instead of grinding like a real ranked player they cried for an easier system.

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@Knockout2487 I guess people forgot you were #3 on TDM lol.

Just saw that last post that got closed.

You never got carried.

Can’t carry someone to the #3 haha. But yeah a lot of people be claiming their top players just because it’s cool I guess.

When we played you wouldn’t die really & produced a lot of kills.

But yeah never saw that dude in the top leader boards or we would’ve heard of him since we are legit top players.


Yea that dude has issues and is irrelevant.

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The guys i play with dont like koth, they prefer tdm. Which means we play social tdm.

Most matches can get a bit boring as social skill lvl is mostly pretty bad, then ppl quit cause they see a 4 stack , also i dont like 2v2 or ffa.


I’m currently Diamond 3 on KOH which to me seems almost hard to believe that Im in striking distance of Masters. From what I’ve heard, prior to this new Rank system , that was a very elite level to hit which very few achieves.

I’ve been winning a lot of my Diamond matches lately. While I’ve gotten better over time I think part of that is that I’m not hitting many 4 stacks at all lately. When I first hit Diamond I was playing 4 stacks constantly. Even a good number in Onyx also. I think a lot of these stacks have hit Masters so easily and have probably stopped playing. So I’m running into mostly solos and even though they are Diamonds, a chunk of them aren’t so great.

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I hit masters in less than 6-8 hours of op5.

With breaks in between on king.

It was really disappointing.

I love grinding & earning something.

This was no grind & i played against stacks.

Reducing the size made it so easy.


Just to balance things out, I’m Onyx 1 with 416 victories overall on KOTH, (I would think I have played double that amount) all you players that are hitting Diamond and Masters MUST be skilled. Or I am total DogS*** I keep reading how easy it is to hit this and that. I have said many many times I am absolutely average but I like to think I’m not the worst player, but I can’t get a sniff of those ranks.
But all the crowing about ranking being super easy is some what disheartening. I really must be trash.

Which playlist?

OP5 dropped everyone 5 ranks so you must have been Masters or pretty close from Op4, I’m guessing? If you were Master beforehand then they knocked you down to Onyx 2 for OP5 which wouldn’t be as bad as starting ALL the way back from Bronze.

Maybe they should add tiers to the Masters division ? Or make a Grand Master division , or something that would be hard to achieve for anyone but the very best.

i can see that happening…like do a top 100 and only can get in if you can beat the ones that are in that list like to drop them down like gears 4 had.

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I did it 4x.

King. Solo.

On my account onyx 1.

On the others I got paid to boost & started from bronze.

I’d appreciate op2 ranking system.

Or op1. At least people who were actual masters could achieve it. It took me over 5-8 weeks to hit masters in the beginning OP’s & needed a solid squad.

So it kept me engaged & I had many ties to some of the best players in the franchise because they required team work.

Now, since I can solo master I just been playing other games. All the fun of a grind is exhausted the first day of op5 for me.

So I boosted to keep getting the thrill. That was my job for a couple days. But I got bored of that too.

@Duffman_GB whatever rank you were on op1 that’s the most accurate.

I could dig it. I certainly wouldn’t make the cut but oh well.

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You got paid to boost? Are you talking about helping people reach masters or like, getting other achievements?

I’m like 2 win from Masters in KOH, but honestly I have no motivation at the moment. I’m tying to get into cyberpunk right now. I have mixed feeling on it so far. Aside from the frame rate and graphics stuff the game really doesn’t tell you much about how to play it. There is a lot to figure out from weapons , various upgrades , crafting etc etc etc. They barely tell you anything in this game.

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I’m actually downloading cyber punk.

Yeah I could’ve gotten the hive busters DLC but as a consumer I feel “knickled & dimed” & ive easily spent over $400 on just add ons, no game pass discounts.

So if I really wanted to I’d buy the DLC but lately I just feel disrespected & I don’t care what anyone says or tries to argue with me about it.

But yeah, people paid me from $100-$200 to boost to masters so they can have the skins.

we’ve only gone backwards with it.

it was better at first minus the bugs of course

now, all i see are diamonds

there is zero merit to this ranking system but it is TC’s way to silence all the complaints

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