Why is rank not going up?

I play koth and my rank doesnt go up after a win even after i get mvp?? Am i missing something???

ranked means nothing.

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Just don’t pay for rank. I just had a perfect TDM, MVP with 10 kills, lots of downs, ZERO deaths. Was curious to see how much it would rank me. No increase whatsoever.

My only disappointment in not being ranked higher is that I’m in lobbies like that one where I feel like a bully. I have to play in a high level stack to get good matches.

So basically theres noo logic to ranking up…?

It’s largely dependent on your team, their performance, their ranks. Much of this is beyond your control and equals frustration.
When I play with high level friends I hardly rank up even though we win a ton. If I play with friends ranked much lower and I carry, I get ranked up quick even though we lose a lot because some of these people go 2-12. In fact I usually rank down when playing with diamond friends and rank up with casuals.

The system is pretty goofy and not a great representation of individual skill due to all the circumstances that come into play.


You must’ve been missing the forums since you joined too because this has been a topic literally everyday for months now. It has been beaten to death already. Use the search bar and you will see how many threads there are. A lot of been deleted as well.

Please check out the [Main] Ranking System Discussion, and Feedback active discussion on this board. it also goes into detail of the ranking system to better understand how it functions.

I will be merging your post into that thread and will be closing this. By closing, this will allow keeping an organized conversation on one thread.

Thank you .

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