Why is my Rev 9 Terminator skin glows?

I noticed the Terminator skins look bulkier and have extra LED lights added to their armour, on top of a that they have this glowing outline that every other character has when they’re far away for people to be able to tell whether it’s an enemy or ally. So why does my Rev-9 skin glow no matter how far away I am from the enemy. I can see my own character glowing when that’s not the case with other characters. This is false advertisement, I didn’t buy this rev-9 skin, this isn’t how it looked. Some over 40 year olds cried because they suck at the game and couldn’t see the terminator characters and instead of adding extra lights to their armour they got additional bodywork added to them and a constant outline glow. We all know they had the same hit boxes it’s just some people like to imagine things and we all know those same people who complain tend to use Theron Guards and hide behind corners so they’re unnoticeable to the opponent. Every character when they’re hiding behind something is invisible. I don’t see this being discussed anywhere and I want people who bought the skin make a noise not just those who suck at the game and blame everything.

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Just for the future.

The community kept asking to make the Terminator characters more visible because they were hard to see

If you used them you had a slight advantage


Now they glow like uranium rods. It’s actually a disadvantage now.

Community cries to TC/ TC always goes too far.


I’ve seen no issue with the Standard Terminator, just played a Guardian with 5 of them.

I think it may be Rev-9 specifically.


Might be right. He’s the only one of the two I used.

Because we couldn’t see the dam things on dark maps or assumed they were COG in fast paced action.


Keep the comments coming

Anyone got a video or photo? I’m interested

Edit found one on YouTube looks good actually

now is the worst character in the game


I think you’ll find there’s some competition for that title!


Typical TC overreaction…

Why do ONE thing to fix a problem then you can do THREE.

JD is OP!!!

Ok, so do we reduce his ammo capacity? Do we nerf his ultimate? Do we reduce his bleed? Do we make GL non loadout? Do we increase the cost of the GL?

Well, why not do ALL of these, yeah!! And while we’re at it, let’s nerf Keegan too! Why nerf 1 character when you can nerf 2??

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Just to throw it out there

It tells you something when players cant use them in Esport events


The issue wasn’t the hurt box of the characters, it was how dark and skinny they are, which makes them extremely hard to see. On top of all that, they make no noise at all besides footsteps, so you can’t tell where one is because it doesn’t cough in smoke, it doesn’t call out when grenades are incoming, it doesn’t scream when getting shot, it doesn’t yell taunts when it gets kills. It’s the only character in the game that is like that. Those two things was just giving it an unfair advantage that made picking any other character a disadvantage if you are looking for every possible advantage to win. Another example is using black phantom so no one can tell what weapon you have from range, like the breaker mace. Nothing on it glows, not even the crystals. So on the darker maps it does give you an advantage, if ever so slight a one.


Gonna leave this here and run. Seriously…watch. *** hilarious but should tell how broken these things were.


Honestly all they need is one voice line like the zombies had in 4.

Watched about a minute of it and had to switch off because of the unnecessary memes and graphics, and the high pitched squealy kiddy voices. A very hard video to watch!

The real issue is that these dumb skins are in the game in the first place. Same goes for Sarah Connor, and the Halo characters, and all the Forza and Sea of Thieves blood spray and banner nonsense that’s in this game. I get why MS do it, because it makes them heaps of money, but it really breaks the illusion. Animated weapon skins and silly dance emotes I can just about cope with but I personally draw the line when entities from outside the Gears universe crop up in game.

As for the changes to the characters which people paid real money for, I do sympathise with the people that hate how they look. But they were definitely too hard to see and hear on the map, and most people used them specifically for that reason.


Thanks, I will.

This is a comment.

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Was it just the rev 9 or all the terminator characters?

Wonder if it was a licensing issue.

Both the T800 and the Rev 9 are banned for competitive play.

There are some lovely rules in there as well.

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