Why is midnight omen set STILL incomplete?

We are still missing 3 skins. Currently at 11/14 (missing Snub, Longshot and Torque Bow)
It has been some time since we had the chance to unlock anything for this set. When do we get the chance to complete it?
Syndrome is already at 8/14…
and flaming is complete too…
AND now started on heart beat skins…
Not to mention those who want to get the achievement done… which I have, but I’ll chime in for those people as well.

Wow… basically posted the same thing at the same time as someone else… lol

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i didn’t know you started a post on my same topic as yes i want to finish this midnight omen skin set to. The heartbeat i don’t care about and the green and white ones shown are ugly and i don’t get it why are they just avoiding the chance to complete this set let alone so many that missed out on whichever ones they did how are they gonna get 2nd chances when you hardly ever offer these to begin with? 6 more streams to complete syndrome skin set is still 6 weeks but at least it will be complete as the midnight omen TBD and with the green and white there previewing us and the heartbeat skin for the gnahser for 2v 2 said first in a new line so i agree with you. Also i read as of july 3rd get 6000 kills for a ruby scion skin and also get a diamond scion if you do that and get diamond 1 or higher in 5 modes which ok ruby could be done but i’d rather pass and the diamond one i am not skilled enough to get diamond in anymode let alone 5. There both bad guys so since i am more of a horde player it was bad enough to ask for 5000 kills in early march for a cheevo but now 6000 more for a ruby scion skin that would be for vs only ? ill pass. I will just watch the next 6 weeks for the syndrome skins and wait for their announcement of whenever if ever their offering these 3 midnight omen skins that would complete its set.

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It’s time just to let people craft the last ones to have a full set and move on.


Lack of organization.

And for me it’s not 8 syndrome, as I lost drop and enforcer (let’s say for the same reason above).

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the syndrome are esports so they have never and claim they will never make those craftable so there is 6 weeks to go to finish the set but then i assume if they do reoffer any look at the phantom skins it took like a year before they started offering any of those again so the drop i understand many of my friends had no clue and were upset that it was on their twitter page but never posted here and syndrome and the midnight omen in my opinion are the 2 best looking sets in the game right now. The syndrome on a black steel character really does look good. anyways the flaming and midnight omen should be craftable one day as their tied to an achievement.

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TC must have their reasons.

Like to send people crazy :+1:

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Jungle skins were some of the first out and there are still only three or four weapons they’re available for. Meanwhile there are skins available for every rainbow variant imaginable, plus some ridiculous tree themed skins and even one that I’m sure makes Wal-Mart workers very happy. At least they finally provided the UIR skin. Maybe it was an attempt to make people buy the eSports packs.

Just think about those really nice Snaked and Snake Eye skins that got cancelled :disappointed_relieved::-1:

From watching the tournaments on mixer, I’ve seen the Longshot and snub midnight omen skins being used my the pros… So I know they at least exist… let alone the torque… I just don’t get why we haven’t had the chance to earn them yet…
It isn’t like they haven’t made them. They clearly intended for a full set to be available.

Its Crafting time