Why is melee enabled in Golden Gun

As soon as they miss their shot they chase after you trying to melee, it removes any enjoyment from the special event.

The lunge on the melee is straight up ridiculous and makes shooting your gun almost pointless making every game a melee-fest. You guys removed the melee in One Shot One Kill and everybody loved it, is it possible to do the same for Golden Gun also? Having your opponent knife and teleport to you from across the map and insta down you in two smacks of the B button isn’t very fun :confused:


Ooooh golden gun is up :hugs:

Yes yes, please remove melee before I get home

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Literally played a match where everyone ran around knifing, unbelievable


Ah man, i was looking forward to playing this mode tonight but meh, never mind.

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No thats REALLY not the right choice of words

Its literaly believable to the max

Tho im sure its really only become a game of ‘if ya can’t beat em’

For some knife stun hip fire follow up antics, I assume.

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Yes, I played my first match yesterday and literally died 9 times without being shot by a Boltok

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It was like that in Gears 4 too lol

Gears 4 didn’t have a broken and exploitable melee system

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Gears 4 didn’t have a lot of crap that we have now.

True, Terminator characters :man_facepalming:

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Don’t bring a knife to the party.

The B button isn’t the issue, it’s the speed of the melee. It’s not even the lunge. You shouldn’t be able to 1) stun someone and 2) do a melee instantly. If the speed was reduced, there wouldn’t be an issue. This includes outside of golden gun mode too.
Melee has to exist in Golden gun though in the rare event every single person misses their shots lol
But yeah - punching in all other gears was a slow process that was risky in some cases, the knife though is instant

Never said the B button was the issue? also there’s ammo that spawns very quickly. There’s no reason Melee should be in Golden Gun, kind of defeats the point of the special event

I posted it once, I’ll post it again.
This is how it feels to play G5GG.


They need to introduce Street Fighter characters’ DLC to compliment the fistacuffs

I was so excited to see the event added as when it was in gears 4 I wasn’t playing it at that time so I missed it.

Seen that there was no bots and thought ‘Okay good signs’

Then boom hit with all the knifing since people can’t blindfire at all.

It’s fun but that makes it less enjoyable majorly

Played like one minute of Golden Gun before I quit and decided not to go through that experience ever again. First engagement of the match I get double melee’d down. Respawn, run towards grenade spawn (playing on Vasgar) and two dudes appear out of nowhere and BOTH melee me. Even watching people going at it on spectate mode is brutal - they’re all just trying to get melee kills.

Can you believe these players though? There’s little to no delay between shooting and melee, it’s got auto aim AND bloody Commando built into it.

I was really hoping it would receive a nerf in TU2, but of course it wasn’t! Who knows when or if it’ll ever be changed.