Why is Kait a mess now?

So, and I hope I am explaining this correctly… with Kait’s 2 bleed cards, she used to do 150+ damage with the overkill and gnasher, NOW, she does 30% with the gnasher, and nothing at all with the overkill, so what is the point of the cards now, especially when she has to be close enough to see the enemie’s tonsils just to get bleed? She can’t get that close to the bosses to be useful with her shotgun…please correct me if I am missing something

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If only she could turn invisible.

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5 meters seems a little draconian for range limitations. I’m okay with a giant nerf to bleed range but that’s huge. 8 or 10m at minimum.

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She can’t fire a weapon when she is cloaked, remember, and melee a boss? :joy::joy::joy:

Man, i keep repeating myself but here we go again;

Laceration/bloodresonace/stimcapacity/reaper/enhanced stim will allow you to run around shotgun killing without dyin’ now! Also you can use that ultimate to kill bosses.

I killed 2 Carriers on Wave 40 (MASTER) in a matter of seconds had that Demolition Guy on the Team looking like a Bambi.


10 times damage on first shot,
I like it in Escape.
On horde, Oh well, I guess people can make it work.

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230% extra Stim does indeed help, Cole doesn’t have that.

She has a somewhat easier time to refresh the stim, but like I said in horde I’m not sure about the infiltrator.

Agree that her bleed range has been nerfed a little too much. 8-10 metres would be perfect.

Running up behind a Carrier and getting 10x damage is a game changer. Subsequent shots get your ultimate back in about 3 gnasher hits so you recloak, and fire for another 10x almost immediately before the boss can react. Haven’t tried The new stim-based card setup yet as I just enjoy running around cloaked and executing so much. The problem is I don’t want to give up Laceration, Blood Res or Custom Gnasher as I think all 3 are essential in all modes but also love Cloak so much that I don’t want to lose Chain and Cloak batteries.

If I had to sacrifice 1 or two cards so as to include Reaper and Stim batts, what would you experts recommend?

100% not necessary, the Gnasher is still very viable with Laceration and Blood Resonance by themselves. Although it does get a pretty decent punch increase with an active reload using the skill.

Either way I would drop that one, in my experience the bleed and Resonance damage increase are more than sufficient as is.

Cool thanks. And if I need to drop another card so I can get stim batts as well as Reaper, which would you recommend dropping from

Blood resonance
Cloak Battery

I’ll most likely still run the same cards with kait. Laceration, blood resonance, cloak batteries, chain(legendary card) and either custom gnashes or overkill capacity. You pick a lane and kill important targets that get close and her ultimate can easily clear a wave of drone like enemies even with the nerf to meat shields since they added extra time for executions

You can’t currently combine cloak builds with the Stim build. You’ll have to make a choice between the two. Having 300+% Stim is gonna be no use or not that great if it gets knocked off in a few Claw hits or a Juvie swipe anyway, hence why you should take Enhanced Stim too.

If that’s not an option for you drop either cloak batteries or Chain, but I would keep Cloak Batteries for the case that your team needs a non-Jack medic running around invisible in case of an emergency.


But, am I right in thinking that those cards no longer do much for the gnasher?