Why is it that I can’t get into lobbies with ppl that are in america

Why does this game put me in lobbies against ppl south of the border when I’m in northern vegas . It makes no absolute sense and it’s an incredibly huge frustration I have with this game can someone please elaborate on this ridiculousness


I’m in Chicago and I am rarely matched up with people in my surrounding area… all I typically see are Mexico emblems and high ping. Nothing against Mexicans, except for when they send me hateful messages in Spanish which I can’t understand… but seriously… I feel your pain and know how it is.


Why is the game like this tho? It makes no sense

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ANy of the jajajaja messages because those are classic?


I’m from the Chicago area and I always get paired with high ping players from Mexico. It’s frustrating because the game becomes really sloppy and just not very fun to play. I’m sure they love it though because their mediocre skills are skyrocketed into elitism because they sponge everything. To be fair though, there are Americans with subpar connections too and I don’t want to play with them either. Look at these two videos showing the lag I’m experiencing and the reason why it’s happening as they’re from the same match.

Wow, did that guy just run the other way and reappear?!

This guy needs to be booted and suspended until he fixes his terrible WiFi!

@xxxGAUNTLETxxx knows exactly what I’m talking about. This type of connection fluctuation is nothing more than griefing other players and shouldn’t be tolerated. A player has absolutely no right to ruin the experience for others just because they’re running an internet connection that wasn’t fit to be used in 1996. It’s now deep into 2018 and you MUST filter out these cheaters/griefers that cause so many issues.


Have to have east coast host or you wont find english speaking players

Once Krylon said he didn’t give a crap about his rank and just wanted to play, just turned out not to be fun with crazy teleporting, sponge city and super high ping diamond ranks who never showed any real skill just walk right through your shot and Gib you. Not bounce, not run , just walk. Even camping behind a wall with a Active nothing lol. Crazy how this game, this Franchise has that bad of a consistent connection.


For me, in Arizona, it’s brutal. I have really solid internet but I’m constantly in lobbies that stutter throughout the game. Why the hell is MY screen twitching because someone else’s ping is throttling up and back down again? (if you are observant you can see this taking place, BTW). I hope they reevaluate how that works in Gears 5 because other people’s connections affect you far too much in this one.


mate, im in Europe and get paired in west us matches. east US is ok. but west US just terrible. Whats funny is i get a lower ping than some Mexican players :rofl:


I can’t be bothered with my rank because the system doesn’t take into account losing due to quitters, AFK teammates and high ping warriors that ruin every match as demonstrated in the videos above. I’ll just continue to legitimately beat down everyone that walks in my path and laugh their meaningless rank off knowing I am far better than most of them. I mean, after what we saw yesterday, I think it’s safe to say, as if we couldn’t already, that the game has some severe issues.

In 2018 it’s baffling how any video game programmer could write a netcode that consistently allows the above to happen due to other players inability to have a stable connection. You could see in the video that guys ping was around 60ms at a low point but it was consistently going all over the place. That tells me they’re possibly using WiFi but most definitely either have a line issue or too much data being used for their low end connection. Either way, they need to be booted out and suspended from Ranked play until they can address their connection issues. Either that or you have to have a netcode that only punished them because I assure you it’s possible. If there’s a player in Halo 5 that’s teleporting it doesn’t make my game totally crap out. I don’t randomly start teleporting nor do players start running into walls just for it to come back and the player with the bad connection killed everyone. That’s a Gears exclusive thing and it has nothing to do with the game being fast paced. Don’t call it a feature because it’s not.


For most part I believe you get paired up with distant people because there aren’t any closer people who are of the appropriate rank and who want to play what you want to play, when you want to play it.

Player populatiin issues.

TC sucks in many ways. They can’t create local players for you on demand…

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They could easily have left the playing in my region and worldwide counters instead of trying to hide it so players try anyway.

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I feel you I’m on east coast and I’m luck if 1-10 matches I play on east coast. It’s easy to tell due my ping being 20-30 when I’m playing in correct server. The other 90% in 50-60 ping. I know there’s people playing on east coast, don’t know what they were thinking when they did the matchmaking update. Makes no sense

basically my week of gears.

Your right, I think a lot of people have given up. most of the friends I’ve made on gears have moved on. the guys I played with this week seemed to collectively give up on it after what we dealt with.

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Obviously but I don’t think players pinging in the 200ms and above range belong in the matches either. Surely there are enough players in KotH from the USA to fill a match without relying on multiple players with connections worse than the average Sprint cellular reception. I should not be paired with players from Mexico that ping higher (and fluctuations) than I do to Europe or even Asia servers. It’s unacceptable on every level. I can accept a 80ms player but not these ridiculous pings they bring. My friend sent one of these 500ms players a message telling them “Wow nice ping dude” and they responded with a laughing face. What a joke.and yes, this guy was from Mexico with a consistent 500ms ping. That’s just not ever going to be acceptable. A potato powered connection would be more reliable.

I feel your pain, and I believe the answer is both funny and simple. Make a Character with a shirt that says “I paid for (you know what region) to get their own servers and or region and all I got was this lousy t-shirt”. It sounds silly but if started now and leading up to Gears 5 and beyond, I think many people in the U.S. anyway would pay $15 or more to get an exclusive version of their favorite character(s) and fix the problem. I have wi-fi now because I simply can’t hardwire to the modem, however, I plan on getting a wireless router and hardwire to that. Although my ping is a stable 31-55 ms about 97% of the time and I usually get 1 to 2 spikes a match, however I see people whose ping go from 65 to 95 to 157 to 186 to 65… about 5 times in between rounds and it is just ridiculous. Back to my t-shirt idea, imagine Kait, Sam or Anya in tight Blue Jeans and a pink or white t-shirt, heck I’d buy all 3 and only use them and rock my USA Flag (that I will never change). Sure it’s not exactly practical, but I don’t think there would be too many complaints. And of course you can still get your Dom, Baird, Cole, Marcus, Dizzy and Carmines as well and talk about a good cause to support, TC, take my money, PLEASE!!! Skywalker, out. :v:

The problem lies with the Quality of Service mwtchmaking I think. If a match isnt found in your regions nearest datacenter it will add another one and so on.

I guess the game checks south america servers first before other US ones perhaps?

The region hopping at the start of the games life cycle was insane. It’s gotten better but obviously could still be improved. I ran into a guy with a 300 ping the other night. Funny enough he got MVP… wonder why… As long as the ping is stable around 100 or less I don’t mind, but anything over 150 can be terrible.

I’d say try to use the xbox’s LFG feature if you want a team with ping close or closer to you than matchmaking solo. Unfortunately opponents are out of your control. Try and play at higher traffic times, and if you can’t then I’d try more popular game modes. If all else fails there is always social.

I have the same problem and it gets worse as the night goes on. I am in Georgia and I get rarely see a ping below 80-90 and mostly above 100-120.

I think there’s some kind of reversible IP filter implemented here, when Mexican IP is detected during matchmaking player gets IMMEDIATELY pushed into match, no matter how distant server is.

As priority customers, they just hate to wait.