Why is it telling me to purchase the new DLC even though I own ultimate

I have game pass ultimate and it still tells me to purchase the new DLC, wtf. I updated the game, started the game, and the only option is to buy the dlc

Same issue

Restarting game worked …now installing

Gives me 10% off because i have game pass ultimate so its only trying to charge $17.99 :joy:

I just went to the store, selected the DLC and it says install or pay $$ to buy to keep. Selected install.

It’s all covered here:

Summed up: either download the DL from the new screen when you first open the game, or go to Options and Instal Manager. There, you can DL it for free. I haven’t finished the DL yet but it looks like this is working.

Does it work on steam?

No, you need to buy it on steam