Why is Horde mode so “stingy”?

I’m in the same boat. I get so many more cards in Escape compared to Horde but I play more for fun and Horde, I think, is just a lot more fun to play.

I get any cards I “need” via Escape, then play Horde for the actual gameplay.

BTW, if anyone wants to know, I hear all these speed runs on Surge or Clock, but I’ve found you can also speed run Last Stand with certain characters. I’ve done it with Clayton in less than 5 minutes of actual gameplay, and it’s super easy!

That was an interesting discussion you two had there, and as far as i know, i just had a quick read through mind, you did not get on topic till the end, and that in my opinion was fractured.

He mentioned Horde needs to pay out more, then you mention Escape, and then it went pear shape from there, until completion. If a numb nuts like me got that one.

And he is right, completely right. Horde does pay out pittance, and it needs to improve by a minimum of 50%.

As for Escape, i am not a fan of Escape, i barely understand why it is even in Gears. It makes none to little sense to me. But yeah, it does pay out well. Compare to Horde it is shameful on The Coalitions part. But then again, it is not as if The Coalition have been making sound decisions of late.

That is the current balance, but before OP 4, the Horde only characters could only be leveled up in Horde (not considering Jack).

Even now, some characters like Del will need a strong team to carry them in Escape, even on runs like Surge.

But I do agree, Escape is the best way to earn cards now, though I do enjoy some Horde Frenzy now that it’s available in Custom games.

As to your original question, it was probably made stingy because TC considered the earn rate of Speed Runs in Gears 4 and based the earn rates on that. Despite TC’s best efforts to break speed runs in Gears 5, I think there are still a few ways to speed run that exist now, just not widely known (i.e. a 1-50 Master run in about an hour). And Surge and Clock weren’t available for quick grinding until OP 2, and then had some tweaks thrown at them. At least they’re still here. TC could have easily nerfed them again to make it even harder to grind.

I didn’t know this was an issue good find :+1:


Guys lets chill, I don’t like vinegar on my chips…

It is nice to see people agreeing that Horde needs to pay as well as Escape instead of seeing people demanding Escape get nerfed.

As I’ve said before, I’m more of a fan of buffing things to balance rather than nerfing.

Even if TC keeps the card rewards to every 5 waves, just doubling the payout (2 cards per 5 waves) would go a long way to balancing it. Or just make the rewards scale consecutively so you can’t just do 41-50. There’s probably lots of ways to do it, but having a 20 or 25 card payout for a 1-50 Master Horde run would be much better than the current meta.

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Personally i find Escape mode to be more challenging, especially solo. Tbh i struggle on begginer solo sometimes whereas in Horde mode its pretty easy solo up to Elite difficulty.