Why is Horde mode so “stingy”?

Well I realized I had been wasting huge amounts of time all along. I play far more PvE than PvP in Gears 5, and I always assumed the “fastest” way to earn skill cards was Horde. Boy was I wrong.
A 2+ hour Horde wave nets 10 max skill cards, but I can do an Escape level in 5-10 minutes or less.

Instead of 10 cards for 2 hours, I can get 3-5 cards per escape run. It’s literally dozens of cards more, faster.

  1. I wish I knew this sooner. Escape seemed odd to me originally , but the more I play it, the easier it gets.

  2. TC is just too stingy with Horde, compared to Escape vs. skill cards earned. I really believe Horde Frenzy should award 6-8 cards, and the regular Horde 15-20, compared to the time spent vs. Escape.

Also, with rarer skill cards popping up more frequently, I can do an “easy” solo Escape run on Advanced, and I regularly earn Purple and Gold cards, sometimes multiple per match. Why was I bothering with Master Horde Frenzy runs, again?

If you are looking to earn skill cards quickly, Escape is definitely the way to go!


Agreed, the amount of cards earned needs to be doubled.

Yes, I said it. Doubled if not tripled.

A horde match is roughly 2 hours long.

In that same amount of time I can play escape, specifically the surge. And earn cards at a higher rate.

Make our time matter TC.


Yes, 1-50s are the least efficient way to grind cards.

1-50 Horde: 2 to 3 hours - 10 cards

Horde frenzy: 30 to 45 minutes - 4 cards

Insane on The Surge speedrun: can be completed 4 to 5 times in 30 minutes - 16 to 20 cards

Inconceivable/Master The Clock: can be completed 2 to 3 times in 30 minutes - 8 to 12 cards (Inconceivable) or 10 to 15 cards (Master)

Bear in mind that these Hives are exceptions rather than the rule. Other Hives are harder and take more time.

Still doesn’t really change anything.

The fact that 1-50 rewards less for more time spent. Needs to change.

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Yes, I didn’t say it didn’t, so please don’t make assumptions about what I think. All I was saying, is that measuring/calculating what the revised card payout is shouldn’t be done on the basis of Surge on Insane; or The Clock on Inconceivable. Also the fail/success rates should be taken into consideration as I reckon the completion rate for other Hives is considerably lower.

Sorry if I appear to be short with you or whatever. It just annoys me that lots of people on here tend to jump to conclusions. You’re in a discussion with someone, you say something - Comment A; and then they assume that you think Comment B based on Comment A.


I think it’s a fair comparison.

In Gears 4 xp and coin gains were always based of speed run times for horde. Even though one could spend 2 hrs on a horde match.

Versus people finally got a bump.

For horde it depend on team and map, but can vary from 1 1/2 to almost 3 hrs.

Some escape maps take roughly 7 mins or less.

If people compare 7-10 minutes of escape and cards gained to the 1 1/2 of horde, that’s a fairly level playing field.

And yes some escape maps are much longer.

Then clearly state what your want us to interpretate like you just did by editing your post.

And not really, TC isn’t tone deaf, (most of the time anyway) it should be based on the surge or the clock runs because that’s the best value for your time.

Since we’re not earning as much by playing other hives they should just double the card rates for those hives and keep the surge rates the same.

This idea that we can’t base it off the best value for our time for this new theoretical system is silly imo.

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Or maybe people shouldn’t jump to conclusions? It’s a two way thing. All I did was comment about the Surge and Clock being exceptions to the rule as far as average completion times were. You just jumped on that and presumed that I was arguing that the drop-rate of cards in Horde was fine and doesn’t need changing. It’s a big leap if you think about it.


Who cares, move onto the other points instead of lingering on a singular line or two.

And they shouldn’t be exceptions to the rule. Read my last response for reference ^

Well, now that you know what my point is, yes, we can move on to my actual point. :wink:

I’m not convinced that Surge/Clock is the greatest measure of time. Sure it’s what is most popular grind method. It’s like speedruns on Lift Apex being quicker than say, The Slab or Canals or Relic.

I think completion rate is also relevant as well. Escape probably has lower ones than Horde. I think 16-18-odd cards for a 1-50 master Horde run is fine. I’m strongly of the view that Horde is significantly easier than its equivalent difficulty on Escape (broadly speaking - obviously maps differ in difficulty).

I must admit I don’t know what the drop rates are for lower difficulties as I don’t touch those anymore.

And your point wasn’t that good because, in context you edited a majority of your posts. When in actuality you ignored the low payouts in horde the first time around. Which led me to conclude because you didn’t say anything.

Escape Runs aren’t exactly difficult if you follow the Meta,

It’s a Meta, if you know the meta nothing is difficult.

So I’m not really buying the idea that Escape is harder per say, certainly so if we’re talking about plopping down ignorant. But the same could be said about horde.

It should be, that’s the most efficient way to get cards.

If I’m leveling my cards, why would I run anything else?

The game needs to just boost everything else to not match that necessarily, but to certainly get it to a level that’s viable for our time.

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My initial post wasn’t edited at all. All I said was:

My second post, which was a reply to you was edited to clarify. What I had posted initially was just challenging you for misinterpreting me, but then I decided I needed to clarify my actual views. EDIT: As in my views about the point you bought up (Horde card payouts).


I’m really not interested in talking about the editing of your posts. And how you felt the need to clarify after being transparent as the color black.

There is a real issue of earn rates, let me know when you want to get back to that topic.

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I did try to go back onto topic though. You bought up the misunderstanding again and referred to my edited post.


I responded, you got me. But in the response after that you don’t talk about anything else but that response to the edits.

You just got hung up on the response to your edits while ignoring the other arguments to your points.

This big claim of “I tried too” doesn’t work when clearly you had the chance to include responses to the points I made. But you were so laser focused on the singular response to your edits.

I’m not responding to you further, you’re so hung up on your need to clarify yourself.

Okay I must admit I got sidetracked when you mentioned it again.

The card payout in my opinion needs to be based on Escape and Horde as a whole, not just on a couple of the easiest and quickest maps.

One guy had an idea that TC incorporate bonus cards into their featured Hives section. So they have the current newest Hive up, but they use the other Escape tab to bring back a couple of older Hives which can be the returning featured Hive. These would give out more bonus cards, however they will be chosen based on say, the Hives with the lowest number of completion rates or something. That way it encourages players to play other Hives, and gives out extra bonuses.

Anyway, a similar thing could be done with Horde where there could be featured older maps based on lower completion rates which give out extra bonus cards, Gear Coins and XP.

This way, you have a system which is more fluid and responsive to what players are actually doing.

Because TC doesn’t want to think about horde
They’re too busy feeding into their dying esports scene and updating ranked every week to do anything about pve. Knowing Tc, they’ll just nerf the amount of cards in Escape to make things fair.


For me personally I much rather spend 3 hours on a Horde match than 30 minutes on escape. I for some reason find escape so boring that I’d never consider escape being worth it to grind for extra cards. But for those who enjoy escape, go for it. After all I play mainly for having fun not for cards or achievements.

Horde > Master: 2+ hours = 10 cards
Escape > Surge > Insane: 4 mins = 4 cards (equivalent to 100+ cards within same Horde timespan)

Both gives you epic and/or legendary cards. So, Escape is beyond the best option.

Even though Escape is WAY more viable, I can’t continually do that Escape Surge speedruns.

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