Why is gears 4 working on P2P connection?

This game is working like it is P2P connection. Teleported, downs in cover, 99% in 2-5 shots… Is it P2P connection or just rubbish netcode?

Probably your own connection

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It is working fine. In all other games then gears

" Why is gears 4 working on P2P connection?"

Short answer: It isn’t. Unless you’re playing campaign.

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I’ve definitely seen the same issues and I’m steady 25ms or below. It’s actually been happening for quite some time and tends to be in lobbies where another player is fluctuating. The game has no idea how to handle anyone once a players connection breaks down.

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played a game last night my ping about 34ms , a player on other team a steady 680ms, and they soaked up every dam shot, couldn’t even chainsaw or melee them, worst game ever

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They also can’t move or shoot worth a damn so you shouldn’t die to them either.

The servers have been awful lately. Low ping, high ping. Doesn’t matter. Sponging is ridiculous. Just gotta battle through it. If you’re good enough you’ll still outplay them.

(For the record, lag is a big issue in this game. I am no defender of the coalition)

Every match is basically a slot machine.

Good analogy.

And my enemy is the HOUSE and I’m the sucker.

Even today I am shooting enemies at point blank range with actives and doing 0% damage. It’s the misses that are registering more often than the actual hits. Why does it feel so awful lately?

4 Active Gnashers from ------ range - 0% damage.
1 Gnasher (maybe active) from the enemy at the same range - 100% damage with a kill.

Dropshots? Nothing
Boomshots? Nothing
Grenades? Kills me when I am no where near the explosion but the enemy within it survives.

Inconsistencies have always happened. But this is consistently being ridiculous and whatever it is needs to stop.

A decent theory would be…

1). Some are now experiencing what others have for 3 years for whatever reason. Welcome to the party.
2). TC is trying to make people grateful if Gears 5 runs better.
3). TC has been known to experiment behind the scenes without notice to players. They are trying some things out.

I’ll add

4). The Coalition is incompetent and just does ■■■■■■ netcode.

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To point #1 - I’ve been experiencing this nonsense since day 1. But the last few weeks have been extremely bad. It’s not like I’m doing bad as I’m getting MVP or close to it but the struggle is real. I just want consistency but an enemy taking 0% damage on 6 hits is ridiculous.

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