Why is Gears 4 on PC such a terrible experience?

As great as it is to be able to play at 144 fps it is probably the worst game experience i’ve had on PC and I’m not just referring to the driver issue. Beyond the freezing or game crashing I’ve been randomly frozen in place where neither my controller or mouse and keyboard will let me move and why in hell does Alt+tabbing or clicking onto a second monitor disconnect me from Xbox services when I am in the menus or game lobby? It’s terrible, the absolute worst PC experience.

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That was fixed a while ago. Check that you’re up to date on your Windows version I suppose?

I’ve never heard of this actually. Aside from the alt-tab issue and the drivers issue, the game is perfect on PC IMO

I just updated (Only been 2 weeks since I last updated) and it still disconnects from Xbox live when I alt+tab. And last night was the first time I experienced my character being frozen in place. It lasts a few seconds then I can move again. It happened 3 times in 2 different matches in a 4 match span today.

There’s an issue on pc where you get serious fps drops when killing someone. It’s kinda random as to when it happens (someone claimed it was on all headshots for them) but I’ve heard/seen many people having this problem. Frustrating when I’m rolling through a triple or quad and I’m getting such choppy graphics. Had this on all 3 GPUs I’ve played this game on.

I’ve never had frame drops or freezes from this but I do get micro stutters when ribbons pop up.

Of course, when you are killing people in a row, you get the usual ribbons.

It’s the smallest of stutters tbh.

I’m putting it down to my CPU or GPU - when I get my new PC, which will be overkill for Gears 4 and Gears 5, I’ll test it again next week.

Do you PC only players have any confidence in TC with Gears 5. I’m not sure I would have.

The sheer visual quality upgrade alone is worth it.

I’ve personally never had any problems with Gears 1 PC, UE or 4.

Those that I have got remedied very fast with a solution.

For Gears 1 it was having a clean install of windows with updates, drivers and your programs with no other junk and it worked perfectly.

UE I played a little on PC but again, no issues with this.

Gears 4 had some crashing but staying on an older driver (397.31) meant I never crashed and then I upgraded to an RTX card which meant no crashes anyway.

So playing Gears 5 at maxed out Ultra and Insane Settings at 2K 240FPS locked is on a whole new level.

The sharpness, richness and pure graphical fidelity is just crazy good.

Fair enough, all sounds great :+1:

This has happened to me a number of times. Plugging in a controller kind of works from that point, but half the buttons don’t work properly. If it happens to you again and you have a controller handy you will see what I mean. From memory you need to hold the back button down to be able to use any other functions.

Edit: The bug I am talking about prevents mouse or keyboard doing anything from that point.

I found out that if you reduce the “Number of particles” to 5 at the Advanced options and setting most options to High the game wont crash anymore.

About everything you point at the post is just nah. The game runs OP. My unique issue is the matchmaking for us, or you have to wait years or you have to play in a party with xbox players.

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I wonder if setting it below 5 will make it not crash uhhh er