Why is everything in this form about horde and e $ports?

You guys need to get back to your roots. These new kids on the block are manipulating you to only care about horde and e $ports

What’s wrong with horde?

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There is nothing wrong with either of them. I do t see the what he problem is.

At least be constructive and explain how the new players forcing TC to focus on those two things.

Really? The majority of posts I see are about rank & weapon skins / characters


This is just the front page of latest
I assume when you say “our roots” you mean Verses/PvP and anything related

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Maybe you’re just not on here enough. VS dominates the discussions. They had to make a rank issue master thread because half the posts are about that.

Sorry, wasn’t trying to respond to you potato. This site is glitchy on Android.

Did you try the Discourse application? It’s badically like the browser but may work better. I have an iPhone X though so I can’t guarantee it works well on Android though.

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Thx for the suggestion. I have a bunch of work related pages open in Chrome so between checking my work stuff I come here real quick to reset my brain and give it a breather. Not serious enough about it to DL another app. Thx though.

All good. I downloaded it because I got tired of using Safari with these forums. I expected a different interface but even without it I stuck with it.

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I think he meant going back to what made Gears great. Namely going back to the roots of Gears 1 versus

I Feel ya Chaos but I think alot of the gears community enjoy the aspects of horde and it was extremely game changing for the series. So if this is his meaning of “roots” I can’t say I agree with going back THAT far. GoW1 was great but 2 wasn’t exactly too much change if you ask me.

I love horde, if they took it out I would be pissed!

It’s the only playable mode in Gears 4 at the moment due to the cheaters in ranked.