Why is everyone so quick to quit

Idk if it’s just me but everyone is so quick to quit nowadays. Sometimes by the time the match loads someone has quit already . Now that you can duplicate class and anyone can be anything everyone tries to play hero and runs out into the map then dies and quits because they died . I hate this . The load times are so long then once someone quits it ruins the game . In escape it’s impossible to win without 3 and teamwork on harder difficulties. Horde maybe you can survive with 4 but if everyone spends their own money on perks , lvl 1 sentries or lvl 3 barriers that’s a death spell . I can tell by wave 1 we won’t beat a frenzy . Such a waste . Sorry to rant but I can’t barely get through daily challenges now


I agree completely. I always try atleast 4 or 5 times and check out what my team mates are doing try and figure out what they want me to do ect ect…I don’t give up easily especially if I hit the safe room.

Yet I see everyone else do what you stated. I think it’s just a human character trait thing lol. On second thought, in reality, I don’t give up on much of anything easily.

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I like the new tuning. Get some nice CQC maps and I am happy as a clam

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At this point T.C. should just remove the quit button. If they’re so desperate to leave then they should just dashboard and play a different game


im pretty sure the Quit button is not available when playing Ranked already.

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And even that’s not good enough

I’ve had much better luck overall going into Custom games instead of trying the completely random matchmaking. There’s still a lot of bad people, but also some extremely enjoyable games with really good squads

I also stopped playing PvP. So much toxicity


Cause they realize they have nothing to offer and were only looking for a carry. They take the fail as evidence you aren’t “good enough” to do the job for them, so they go looking for their next “hero,” rather than take the time and effort to try to understand why the fail happened or what they could’ve done differently to make it easier for you.


you want a real deterrent built for the current day Gears player?

ban them from attaining new character skins that appear in the store for a month or two

It depends for me. For the most part I stay. Especially with a high lvl team.

If I’m on escape doing a master or daily inconceivable and you’re lvl 3 brawler and don’t tackle anyone and some revive, I usually leave after a wipe because it isn’t worth it.

Horde you can win with a team of 4 depending who is left and the modifiers. Otherwise, if it’s just a bad team and a guy quits, I usually leave.

Again, for the most part I try to stay. I prefer letting players play how they want.


Great point

They probably quit cause of the new tuning update lol

Nah no one really quit. A lot of gamers here say that they will uninstall but they never do. They usually take a break and come back and keep playing. I said I was going to uninstall it a long time ago but they made changes to Horde. However, I haven’t played it in a little while. Still need to play the Campaign DLC. Other than that, I will keep it installed until Gears 6 comes out.

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It’s frustrating because I really do enjoy gears despite the flaws . Daily hives and hordes keeps me engaged to complete them at the least . It’s just annoying to sit through all them damn losing screens and someone quit to start or after one death. Especially in escape . ■■■■ is hard asf to complete random . You need the right class a team that works together and uses your perks . Like I hate if I’m demo and then don’t let me get boomshit or infiltrator and take shotguns . Escape you have to learn the map and placements so it’s made for you to do over and over whether you die or not .
Horde I find interesting because the first few waves tell you everything . Like extremely difficult on harder level with no barriers . So we play past wave 2 and no barriers pretty much waste of time we won’t win .
I suggested it on yesterday’s vasguard daily and the guy made fun of me that I should’ve been engineer. He then ran across the map melee got killed and quit .
I guess TC needs to decide if they want us to work together or want people to be able to do whatever they want . Seems stuck in between


You vile potty mouth!

OP, it gets better when you have a reliable friend list and no longer have to play with randoms. Keep at it. Add people who are reasonable. We are all randoms until we aren’t.

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I can’t speak for everyone else, but for me, the reason(s) tend to fall into one of these categories:

(1) The host starts the match right away and gives no time to change class and cards around. They just start immediately. Where this happens, I always immediately leave.

(2) The host last minute changes the map without messaging people to say. So basically I would have joined expecting to play say, The Barracks, but all of a sudden I load into Gatekeepers (as an example).

(3) There is a promotional class in the lobby who is also low-level and frankly, I don’t fancy our odds. It’s clear they’re looking to be carried, and I’m frankly not in a carrying mood.

(4) Players not listening to advice and who make rookie errors repeatedly. This may involve rushing too far ahead and triggering enemy encounters before the rest of us are ready; rushing too far ahead of the venom that it disadvantages another team mate (or team mates) who are playing as one of the Hivebuster classes and who relies on venom; taking and attempting to use weapons ill-suited to their class or when there is someone else present who is; and/or hogging all the ammo.


Just the modern generation if you ask me, wanting an easy and quick victory with minimal effort.

How does that saying go?

“If at first you don’t succeed, quit to main menu.”

Ah, that’s the one.

Escape is simply the best for rage quiters,they leave messages like “noob” or “amateurs” then quit. Whilst being oblivious to the fact that “they” were playing like a complete idiot leaving the ash and spending most of time on their knees scrubbing for a revive, always brightens my day when this occurs…snowflake generation genericly blaming others for their own failings!