Why is everyone running to Checkpoints and Restarting?

Basically the title.

I keep seeing it, keep joining matches and there are doing this i want to play they want to waste time doing that.

No skill required. I dont know if its for getting cards unsure.

I heard its something to do with xp

Only recently i have been coming across this kind of thing in the game.

Is it an exploit of xp i heard of something like it at launch of the game and it was patched or fixed so people couldn’t exploit it anymore. @TC_Kilo1062 are you aware of this?


Ahh, guess I’ll say it.

It’s for character XP, as character XP is gained from the difficulty of the hive, and how far you get through tiles on a hive. It’s probably the fastest way of getting character XP at the moment.

You don’t get any cards from it, and not a lot of overall XP either. Normally you can tell from the title of the lobby whether they will do it or not. It’s fairly well known.

There is another method that involves The Surge but it is a little harder. Whether TC can change it is uncertain, as it is baked into the design of the CXP system itself, and can in theory be used on any hive, it’s just the two hives in question are the easiest to do.


Funny, little fact: what most people don’t seem to realize is that there’s

  • a cap that holds progress drastically after about 20-25 minutes ( time you normally wouldn’t spent in a single hive)
  • you get nothing out of it unless you’re in the lobby before the match starts and back out into the lobby with the host - 0CXP

Why people even host these public when you can easily run through Clock by yourself or why they do this outside of 4x events is beyond me.


I find at the moment you cannot reliably tell someones skill anymore.

They can do things like that in Escape, your in a horde lobby people asking for 16+ classes or more or reup15+

It doesn’t mean anything.

The level of the class doesn’t determine the skill and neither does the reup.


This is even more so now the reups have changed and cxp for dailys.

TC did a poor job with their xp system in every aspect.

Standard xp given is based on time played.

Cxp is similar to the above but capped.

Ally xp is just stupid.


The heroic venom skins are so similar to the other heroic weapon skins just released with the re-up update that if id have known this I wouldn’t have even bothered with the cxp runs. I did most of mine during the jingle juvies event so it wasn’t as mind numbing as roadie running to for hours on end in escape, but I still wouldn’t have bothered. I just wanted the weapon skins to go with the heroic characters. Fashion show!

I guess my last grind session will be lethal engagements all weekend as I’m almost re-up 47. Then I hope to god there’s nothing to grind for a long time as I’ve already got my handout masters skins in pvp as well and would like to just enjoy the game. If the server and ping gods will allow that

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I know right? Looks like all they did was remove the venom parts and some of the gold swirly parts. It’s basically a stripped down version of Heroic Venom. What was the point? Heroic Marcus just looks weird too. Holding out hope that at least Heroic Kantus looks fine. Don’t have that one yet.

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I don’t think that second point is right. The only time I’ve ever done this was when I joined someone in progress and I left after about 30 mins before the host ended it and I got my nomad from 1 - 12.