Why is every time stamp off by 11 or so minutes

As per the title.
Every time I post or respond, it stamps it as if it’s 11 minutes immediately


My guess is that TC did this so people can’t change their posts without the edit symbol coming up.

But I actually don’t know.

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It actually is possible to edit post without orange edit symbol coming up, but only for like a minute or so.

But I don’t know either.

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Ive noticed this too.

Just figured it was a harmless bug. Not worth fixng.

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I wonder if some internal timing thing is slowly getting worse and worse (my second guess)

Ah didn’t realise.


Mine says 12 minutes the second I post it.
Does anything that has the gears label on it work correctly? :smiley::frowning:


Such a tiny detail that bothers me to no end. I’d like to know why as well…

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Lol we all have our little triggers.

Okay Boomer

Okay ancient memer

Ok troll

What!? Another bug corrected by the TC!? :exploding_head:
No more 11 or so time stamp!? :open_mouth: