Why is does it take more than 5 mins to find a match in escalation?

Anyone else waiting more than 5 mins to find matches if they solo queue ?

Escalation is one of the least played modes in ranked.


yeah figures

I much prefer escalation as it was in judgement to the over complicated mess it is on gears 5. I prefer that to KOTH and i’m sure if it was simplified again it would have a much better player base.

Even though it’s the ESPORTS mode, the mode its self is not popular.

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What is Escalation!? :thinking:


I tried to get into it by playing a private match with bots and just found it probably the worst mode in the game that I’ve tried, despite it being all I played on Judgement. I love domination type game modes but this isn’t one of them.

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Its probably the least populated mode, but its the Esports mode so it wont be taken out.

The population on that mode has been low for a long time. If you want a game, I recommend choosing faster matchmaking in the options, but be prepared for high pings.

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Its. Normal if ur on pc or if your playing solo or 2 players.

I play with my friend thats on pc and it happens alot when im playing with him because he is on pc.

I LOVE ESCALATION. ITS ALL I HAVE BEEN PLAYING LATELY. ANd its kinda of showing there are alot of new people playing it that dont understand how to play escalation.

It’s simply just not a option.

A versus MAP from a previous gears👍

Because its an over complicated mess that’s as confusing to play, as it is to watch. However since it’s the official Gears eSports mode (lol) it won’t be removed from ranked, despite wait times being longer than any other.

Guardian HOWEVER, I was always able to find matches in less than two minutes unless I was running a stack at 5 in the morning. Glad that was removed instead :man_facepalming:


Giving a GRAND SLAM SUNDAY BUMP @RedHulk1973

Bring back Guardian!!!


Roger that!

Bring back Guardian!!


Thats because they took away Guardian. So the more popular mode was removed, hence the new players :grimacing:

Escalation is literally like a map designer with rounds added to it.

It’s unique, but it’s been used before…
(The name as well, lol)

at least you have someone to play with lol sad lancer noises

Totally gave up on escalation months ago . Search times are a joke

Because it’s crap?

Yeah, you can mark this as solution :slight_smile:


it’s a convoluted un-fun mess. no surprise

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