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Why is del so damn useless

del is the worst partner I ever played with in a game. The guy does nothing but yell out the @#$& obvious meanwhile saving his own a@@
signed - TF?

Can’t forget the classic Kait line also “and now we’ve got drones” top notch writing

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That’s odd. Del always revives me on “Experienced” difficulty, unless it’s Juvies. Because Juvies insta-execute.

At least the AI companions in this game actually do damage with their grenades and bullets. In Gears 4, they’d throw endless grenades and never kill anything, even when they hit the same drone with three grenades in a row. Now they actually get a few kills every fight with just their bullets.

Makes me miss Dom and his inability to face RAAM without bleeding to death.

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I hate those little creeps!

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Dom carried me throughout 2

Del does nothing in my game, Current fight I am stuck on because he is running around with a pipe in his hand and I have to get the attention of the boss and somehow man age to shoot him in the back as well because the partner does NOTHING.
I have even had to reload checkpoints before now as he killed himself from falling rocks which I was managing to avoid np.

that’s where I am now, I’m like dude shoot him the ice something he just runs and hide worthless :man_facepalming:t5:

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lol wtf he didn’t pick up any weapons?

Gears AI has always adjusted with difficulty. Dom had less health and worse AI on Casual and Hardcore, and he was great on Insane. But if Gears 5 AI scales the same way, then… Yeah, I can see Del being an absolute nincompoop on anything below “Experienced” difficulty. And “Experienced” is bad enough when that boss can instakill Del by jumping through pillars.

Glad I played co-op trough out my gears experience. Didn’t have to deal with AI :joy: