Why is coalition seperating the community to those who have boost and not?

Many games provide incentives for players who invest in the game. But, there will always be those who want something for nothing.


It’s amazing that you actually have to explain this.

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You’re the moderator these forums deserve, but not the one they need right now.

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Ok Commissioner Kazuya


Just keep buying rockstars and u get boost. Lol

He doesnt understand it. That’s because he’s on TC’s payroll. Hes their foolish puppet.

IKR!!! This is ruining the game and splitting the player base. Without boosts people will be a whole 2 or 3 days behind in the ToD

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I wouldn’t call that splitting the community. By that logic, than those that bought Delivery Driver Mac are split from the rest of the community. It’s just an extra benefit for those who choose to buy boosts, nothing else.

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You’re not gonna get much sympathy from these forums regarding boosts, as most of us are still sitting on a free 30-50 days of it lol.

Remake this post after the free Boosts run out or especially once Operation 2 starts and you’ll probably get more solidarity from people.

Nonsense, this is a regular scheduled weekly event that only caters to players with boost. “Delivery” Mac can play the same game and progress the same rate for the tour of duty, but not when he has no boost for this walled off event.

TC should give double stars for ALL gamers as an event since everyone did pay for the game. Freaking segregation.

It’s simply a cash grab for TC. They want people to buy iron on boost days so you can keep re-rolling daily objectives. They even increased the price of iron in the UK. When first double star boost day happened nearly 2 weeks ago, 1000 iron was £7, now that same 1000 iron costs £8.50 its just another way of ripping off the consumer. They obviously made a quick few million 2 weeks ago with people spending money on iron, they thought “we’ll do double daily star days every week whilst boost is active” thus generating several million £ every weekend. It’s just another example of a game studio saying they’re not going to fill the game with micro-transactions, but then doing exactly that but trying to hide it.


Do you need some bost … Im sure i can wrangle up a code or 2 for you at work , inbetween grabbing the chips a hoy codes

everyone that paid for the game either outright or gamepass has a ton of boost at the moment.

I don’t necessarily agree with double stars being tied to buying boost, but it doesn’t split the community. If they had paid for map packs, that would split the community by splitting people who do and do not have the maps.

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It wasn’t a compliment, but whatever helps your ego kid.

Yeah I’m 34, don’t think that’s considered a kid

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It’s 2019, any form of lunacy is possible.

I’ll agree to this 100%