Why is Bunny Hunt not headshot only and why do bots pick up ammo

Why aren’t “Sniper” only playlist headshots only?. It takes all the fun out of the mode getting knifed or killed on the floor, we had a true sniper only event before and everyone i asked loved it.

This is how the mode should be played.

This is how this mode is ruined, by some guy having to knife me.

Also why do bots pick up ammo?. Their bots, do they not have infinite ammo, why do they need to pick up ammo when it’s already scarce.

Also the medal for playing 5 Different versus weekly events is bugged because i completed playing just this event and it keeps coming up as if i’m unlocking it even though it’s been done.

Otherwise fun mode :grin: (Bring back OSOK please, but the good version, no melee)


Don’t make me meme you

wouldn’t be a Gears event without going live with awful design choices or the Developer saying it’s very hard to put into the game now after launch.


Versus bots do not appear to have infinite ammo in neither Gears 4 nor 5. Hence why they’ll pick it up… although they should give a player priority over the pickup instead of brainlessly picking it up and running off to the next enemy to die or get another thing they will waste.



what Gears was it where the Bots would delay picking up weapons/ammo if a player was semi-close to it’s location?

The bots don’t seem to do that in this game

Here you go

It’s a sweat off.


Oohh!! You got meme’d son! At your own game!

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Y’all got weak memes.

Mine be originali

I did it better

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Agreed, his wasn’t even a gif.

I know memes are funny and all but seriously, does anybody actually like a Sniper game mode when you can melee and kill people on the ground.

The best version we ever had was headshots only, why couldn’t they do that again.

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Said and done. A picture is worth 1,000 words. Or like… 13.

We agree with you so much that we are derailing the thread

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Doesn’t surprise me TC don’t bother looking at the forums if all they ever see are memes.

Bots run for the ammo crates or power weapons then pick them up and back pack them

Baffles me that they do this

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Okay. First of all, how dare you.

Second, the forum was just one new thread after another filled with profanity and death threats. Did you notice how the new threads are all really good since the meme factor kicked in?

Still, I don’t mind multiple topics about the same subject as long as it creates discussion. Plus the mods can group them into one thread if they want.