Why is bouncing nerfed in the hivebuster campaign?

I know it’s minor but I notice when I try to bounce in the hivebuster campaign I automatically slide to a wall after one slide cancel like how it is in arcade. It’s a little annoying because I naturally bounce. Especially when juvies are after me lol

Why doesn’t TC just embrace the movement? Like it’s a joke even in campaign the movement isn’t consistent for no reason


Come on man. Its a campaign DLC…not a tournament.


Campaign tuning has always been different to Versus and PVE.


I know lol that’s why I said it’s minor

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@SoFloFinesse and im just busting your gonads. I know you said it was minor issue. I do understand your complaint though. Why tc loves to try to distance itself from a mechanic that die hard elite level Gears players love is beyond me. Do they want their games skill ceiling to only be knee high? One of the reasons games like Fortnite are so popular is because of the height of the skill ceiling. Elite gamers can be creative and make elite level plays. Not just hiding behind a tree then pow pow with a gun.
To me, bouncing is as gears as it gets. And im terrible at it. I strafe. Ill use my head. But I wish I could bounce like @Rise_Avexys. Why TC is always trying to slow the game down also is beyond me. If the pros want that, have 2 tunings…1 for pros and tourneys, and one for all of us regular joes that want speed.

Yeah I’m not a wall bouncer and I’m definitely not one in campaign or pve (it’s laughably useless) but the amount of inconsistency in movement from game mode to game mode is over the top in my opinion.

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Didn’t they do that in gears 4 and it was an absolute mess?

Please, no more different tunings… just one for all of us. It’s bad enough campaign and PvP/PvE are different… we don’t need an extra tuning set added.

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