Why is Australia Region locked...?

Searching ranked, it’s almost impossible to find any games In Australia Alone. We can’t switch servers like other countries can. The only way to find games is to party up with people from other counties. This is not fair… Can someone please help us out? I would love to run a team of 5 Australians against other counties. Lag isn’t that big of an issue…if It stays the way it is, we cannot get rank placements for the seriously 4.0 achievement…


No one can switch region anymore with the introduction of QoS matchmaking. The way it works I believe that it will matchmake you using the datacenter closest to you, if no matches/players found it then adds other data centers while trying to keep ping as low as possible.

But imo i dont think its working because in EU dodgeball and Guardian are pretty much dead and sometimes either it takes 20-30 mins to find a match (rare) or it never finds one.

Honestly i hate to break it to you, but unless TC sorts out matchmaking for dead regions or playlists your only hope is to party up with non-AUS players unfortunately.


Anyone else thinking about saying “That’s not a knife…” right before a knife execution? No? Just me? Fair enough.


Feel free to add me, Sin Ogaris, we might eventually accumulate 10 people in Oz to play with.