Why I'm quitting Gears of War 5

I’m quitting Gears of War 5 for greener pastures. I’m currently working on 100% Fallout New Vegas. I’m pretty close actually to getting it done.

TC you lost a valued '07 player, we need a new company to take over tbh. And how about Cliffy coming back?


Thats more like it.

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I’m quitting Gears because I have to attend a lecture in like ten minutes. I’ll be back in a few hours.


You had me there for a second bud…phew.

Would’ve been more credible if you said you wanted the characters to move how they did in Gears 1, similar to South Park people

I’ll be on Saturday if you wanna play!

I’m quitting Gears because I haven’t played it today like a proper ‘06 vet who needs to do it for every free minute of their life in order to be considered as a fan… and I only started playing in 2008/09 with Gears 2, and only actually properly got into the MP part as of 2017 with Gears 4.

So I guess I’m actually still playing it.


I like this comparison


you be back for gears 6


Most on this forum will be. Just to give it one last shot and hope TC finally gets it right on all fronts.

meanwhile i been playing garrysmod on xbox while i wait for it

Grey you should try tf2 on your xbox one the pc version


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Ha! I’m the opposite. I’m trying to 100% Gears 5 to move onto and play new games I have lined up. Believe me when I say I cannot wait!

Pfft, ‘07! This means nothing, peasant!

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what if Queen Myrrah is not in gears 6? mostly curious on your part

Best of luck on 100% Gears :sunglasses:


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here my friend

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Then I’d probably burst into flames.

It doesn’t make sense either to not have her in some shape of form considering she’s the main protagonist.

What’re you trying to do? Make me feel guilty?!

…fine. Have a cookie: :cookie:


“Grandma’s got a present for you.”

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Agreed. Just irritating with my limited free time.

Had this game been out 9 years ago I’d have been long finished it and with every available PvP reward. Simpler times…

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oh don’t worry she plans to body snatch

She already has. Her daughter, Reyna. I just hope we get to hear her legendary voice at some point as it’ll still be present in the Hivemind.