Why I turned gore off 💉

Hey TC,

I used to be a huge proponent of updated gore and chunks.

Only now do I truly see the childishness of my former ways. You see: war, monsters, blood, gore, killing…after a while, it can really take its toll on the psyche.

Gears of War (2006) may have truly spoiled us as a firm military-based shooter. But I, for one, don’t want to imagine myself as Marcus Fenix in that world. HES SEEN SOME ****!

I do appreciate the direction new with the two new Gears. Sure you have chunky gibs if that’s your thing, but you can still turn it off. Who knows. Maybe there’s less lag. And maybe, just maybe you save yourself from nightmares, and/or dense negative energy.

Speak from experience. a lot.

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A matter of preference I guess. I tend to go back and forth. It doesn’t really seem to matter much, although some of the executions look a little wonky with it off.

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I do the same. I spend a couple weeks or months on one, then switch. When I see someone else play with gore off, it makes me want to do that as well because I like the sparks and bodies just cleanly toppling over. But then I see someone play with gore on and I miss the headshots, blood splatters and squishy sound when you chunk something.

So inevitably I keep switching back and forth as I get bored of one and miss the other.


I started doing that because I have kids, but now they play with me and the wife. :grin: Family Gears is awesome.


Get the gang together and cathartically murder monsters…as a family.


There shouldn’t be an option to turn gore off.

This is Gears Of War.

Not My Little Sissy Pony !


Exactly! :joy: Actually once they were old enough, I got the kids to play before Mommy. My son is probably better then I am now. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

This one time in the tech test i kicked a downed kait in the ■■■ and she exploded. Now i know i dont have to tell you thats more that enough reason for me to leave gore on.


I prefer the gore, its makes the game for satisfying when I perform an execution.


That’s just funny.

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Let the gibs fly. May each execution provide that wholesome, hearty, crunch as you rip and tear internal organs. Embrace your bloodlust, and use it to drown out their agonising screams with sensual satisfaction as you attempt to sever them completely in half as you hack away at their open chest cavity with a dull-bladed chainsaw.

I agree.I don’t see other games, like Resident Evil for example have the option to turn off gore.

The option to turn it off. Is because blood and gore is censured in many countries. And to be able to sell the game in those countries that censure it’s people. The companies had to make a version without blood,gore, explosions, symbols. But to make it easier they added a toggle for countries that let their own people choose what to see or not.
And because they already had to group all the censored objects due to different countries censorships. It was made easy into toggles.
This can also be seen in colorblindness and other helpful things for all kinds of disabilities.

I tried gore off just for performance (back in the GTX days, but I do ultra ultra ultra with RTX card now)

The reason I turned it back on was because I couldn’t tell if I hit the enemy. That blood splatter gave me an instant signal of a graze, a blast, or a gib(real obvious). That, in turn, tells me what move/action I need to make next on a lot of occasions.

I couldn’t shake the feeling that everyone I shot was just absorbing the bullets (spongin)

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My sources tell me that playing 30 days straight with Gore: Off unlocks you a Colour Blast character.

That seems like a deal breaker. :thinking:

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■■■■ off

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In Gears 4, the only time the gore had any impact or thrill was after I had it off for a few weeks and then turned it back on.

I appreciate your input.

Please stop with the toxic responses. even when you don’t agree with them. This isn’t the first warning about this in recent memory either.

Just play nice please.

Making Kait explode is one of the joys of life