Why I pretty much outright dislike the game

I’ve been playing gears since the first, and to be honest, since the 3rd, the series started to rapidly go downhill, Whether it is progression/rewards, executions or the actual designs, I feel like it’s less about the players and more about how to dry us to the curb (just like Activision with its Shit Ops).

I loved the game the most in Gears of War 3 where it seemed to be almost perfect in every aspect, but from that it turned so bad it’s just terrifying. However, considering that Judgement WAS just an outright milking for money by epic, I won’t include it in this post anymore. It’s heresy. HERESY I SAY!
Back to the subject: while the continuation of lootboxes just outright makes me lose respect for the devs, what is way worse are the changes brought by a few things:

  1. Grenadiers are now just F reskins. You kidding me? You want me to grind for them? I already got 30 different drone cards sticking from my ■■■. Those are not grenadiers, just cheap ■■■ reskins copy and pasted by a lazy designer. This is outright bull which just pisses me off. This lack of uniqueness is just an auto skip for the whole locust batch. Cuz ■■■■ that ■■■■, I’m not spending my hard earned credits for a cheap ■■■ drone reskin. That’s not a terrifying foe from gears 1-3 which was your outright death due to its Gnasher. When I first played Gears 2 I was pissed they updated his looks to more detailed face but now? It’s not even an update, it’s a downgrade from an ■■■ down. I would prefer the “low quality” Appearance from original gears than that garbage.

  2. So, now instead of a golf swing we have…what? A lazily made execution just meant to fill a non existent void? (to the contrary that actually made a void) Wtf happened to the locust beatdown?.. I honestly can’t even say anything…wh…what can I even say. You had a great execution in Gears 3 and now we get some garbage which looks nothing more like a bug fest. Where is the quality? It’s more llike they couldn’t bother with working on proper executions, instead they went cheap.

  3. Headshots? They are everywhere. I understand there are some executions where head pops, but boltok? It’s a handle smack in the face, not a headshot. Longhshot? It’s a smash in the back. I seriously don’t understand why overgore the executions. Packing them full of everything for no reason. Like…wow

  4. Wallbouncing. Got outright worse with Gears 4. WB is the meta. An exploit being a meta is never a good thing. Worse, is the devs approving of it and calling it a feature and not an exploit. In gears 3 the rate of people using WB was almost non existent, people went for skill than mashing buttons. Those good times are long gone I see.

  5. Lootboxes. Not much to talk about here. What’s worse is the fact that the box characters are not craftable even if for double or even triple the normal scrap cost. Why it isn’t? Money money money, and once again, money.

The only thing I like about the game is Uzil Sraak, and that’s probably the only Locust character worth playing after the ■■■■ up with the reskins. Ok, and those knife executions. Those qualify as good. At least a different way to compensate for that shotgun.

To be fair, I’m regretting buying the season pass now. But, what is done is done.

All I can hope for is just luck when I come back to the game, if I ever do.


Agree with you on Judgment.

  1. Agree that many of the skins are lacking creativity especially if they are ones that cost money.

  2. I like the new Gnasher execution. Like a softball being tee’d off. Agree about the arm rip execution. I wish they kept it but I think they removed it as something a bit risque in our current PC environment, which is sad because Gears was (still is?) a game that pushed the envelope in that regard.

  3. Not sure why 3 needed its own heading as it pertains to executions like in 2 but I like those executions. Even if they are not of your taste, I find it hard to see how they could be deal breakers especially as it’s the same executions from earlier Gears titles. What would you change them into?

  4. Completely disagree with you here. Wallbouncing is one of the most skillful (when done correctly) and unique aspect of this series, exploit or not. My experience of 3 is that WB was used more often than in 4 but perhaps that’s just my experience.

  5. Agree with you on RNG as the consumer doesn’t know how much they will have to pay to get what they want. I don’t mind RNG using credits but I’d prefer the ability to select the exact item you are missing for a set price if you are missing part of a set if you weren’t able to get it from earned credits. Wish Esupporter packs you could select exactly what you want for a set price.

I agree with you that the season pass lacked value this time around and the knife executions are cool.

Hope you find this game fun again.

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This post was good until you cried about wallbouncing. it’s a skill it’s no one’s fault you cant go on youtube and watch a video and easily learn an insanely simple/easy wallbouncing tutorial. sounds like to me, you’re a lazy player who can’t move his thumbs because he’s well…lazy lol

and idk what version of gears 3 you played, but wallbouncing was EVERYWHERE! just quit crying and get better, just active reloading and hardaiming and walking around with no movement and looking like a ■■■■■■■ bot isn’t really skill at all! in those type of situations 90% of a time there’s a 50-50 chance of you even winning and that shouldn’t always be the case…im sure that ■■■■ gets boring too…at least with your very own movement and uniqueness+wallbouncing, you could out pace and out wit your opponent90% of the time, you even see “Pro” players use it! just train wnd get better my guy, Simple.


sorry if what i said came off as harsh but honestly im just being real and honest. not mean in sny way. just tired of people complaining about the same ■■■■ they can do instead of learning.

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If they removed wallbouncing they would remove most of the hardcore fanbase


I agree with all but Wallbouncing just nah… man Wallbouncing is the core of multiplayer (since the 2), I mastered it on Gears 3 so for me that’s Bs u saying…


Couldn’t agree more!

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