Why i couldn't upgrade character

Hi, I’m playing as a guest. In the previous game, War of Gears 4 I thought as a guest, I could upgread level, rank your character. but I can’t do it here. it shows me whether I want it upgread, but it can’t be confirmed. why?

I have no idea what you are talking about in terms of upgrade or whatnot, do you mean upgrading horde abilities? In that case the reason why it won’t let you upgrade is probably because you don’t have enough materials or there’s no point because once you sign out all that progress will be lost and you’d have to start over again anyways. If you mean leveling up, I’m pretty sure it’s the same deal, and leveling up your overall account doesn’t do anything for you anyways so I wouldn’t worry about that.

Also in Horde there are no more classes, only characters, so not sure if that affects your situation or not.

If you create an account on your Xbox, as long as one account has Gold, all accounts should have gold so I would just create a new account if I was you, that way you can save your progress. Aside from the things above it might be a game issue, but I feel there’s no point in investing time into your guest account because, as I said before, all your progress will be lost once you sign out. I feel most, of not all, of your problems will be fixed if you just create a new account. Hope this helps