Why I can't or wont play FFA ganasher only

Hey Gears,

I found this video today as i am trying to watch and learn about Gnasher fights. This guy is awesome. love the video. His skill is off the hook. took back to back FFA.

but this is why FFA gansher is hard for anyone not at this level. I mean why would you want to go into this unless its to die so you can learn from the kill cam…lol

I mean this kinda skill in KOTH must be awesome. If i was half this good i could say i have lived…lol

anyway i might suffer the abuse and play so i can get throught the pain of learning and haveing my butt kicked 30 times…lol

I did watch a video by Domez i think. Ii tried one tip and he was right. It increased my eliminations by 20 per game at least.

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Nope this guy is nothing special. In my opinion👍

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What have you found you are learning from the videos you’re watching?
In the video he’s decent for sure. Pretty basic techniques though. Knows what he’s doing. And he’s right, the knifing has got to go!

TC were looking at bringing FFA to ranked, which means better skill based matchmaking, but I don’t know what’s going on with that.
Gears has always had a high skill gap and steep learning curve. If you’re feeling intimidated playing online against someone of his skill, you need to put in a little time and effort to learn the game and get your shots on target. There are much better players than him out there.
In a competitive FFA game against 15 or so people, you can’t expect to always win or dominate unless you are good at the game.

Landan has been playing Gears full time as a content creator for a looooong time. You won’t learn a lot from watching videos like this though if you aren’t getting in there and playing. Gnasher only is a great environment to learn. You need to think about how you’re dying, not just kill cam, but where you were positioned, where the enemy was, and why they won the fight. You have to do this over and over and learn from the better players. That’s how you get good. Don’t repeat things that are causing you to die. And, mimic the things that the better players do.

You mentioned Domez. He actually taught me a lot of mechanical things in a private lobby, Things you would never understand just by watching him in a video because they are subtle and difficult to do. I literally took notes and practiced those moves (reaction shots, jukes, positional tricks, etc) until they were second nature. Find someone who is willing to show you these things in a private lobby.

well i am easily impressed and i suck. the FFA is a consistent koth battle from all side so having a run and stay alive is impressive to me.


I think its ability to turn and hit without over correcting. He executes the up a well. i struggle with this.


agreed…I started PVP in 4 so i am a bit behind. I have been working hard to improve. even with the current match making and placing low rank with high rank i final climb out of bronze and hit silver 2 with 20% left to hit silver 3…I know that’s not impressive to you guys but i have made progress.


yes agreed. Domez video had verbal commentary on how to improve. the one that work best was pulling right trigger just be for left. even is someone is crazy wall bounce they will cross middle screen. it takes advantage of the aim and bullet magnetism. Yes, i know how people feel, but need to survive so i try it and he was right increasing my kill count in close quarter combat.

he also talks about how to counter the up A. this is the place i struggle most not that i cannot do it but winning in a up head to head. It talks simple of aiming at the bottom corner as you are coming in and the opponent is sliding into the up a to one shot you.

Most of you may have forgotten how hard it is to love playing the game wanting to get good and waiting to eran your stripes.

@Me0wMix_CatFood has seen many my post about my fustration and quest. agin i am not looking to be onyx or up. i settle for a good sold gold player that people want on there team.

Give yourself an honest evaluation of your strengths and weaknesses. If you feel reflexes are not giving you an advantage, don’t counter the up-A the way Domez shows. Rather, reposition. That’s what I did until I got the timing down. I’d literally just step to the side and it would throw people off. This is also useful to counter lag. I’m in AZ and most people I’d get teamed against are in Mexico so my counter shot will not register and they will get the kill every time because of the way the game is coded. It’s sad that looking at the opponent’s ping would need to be a strategic element but I swear by it.


Agreed. Nothing here jumps out and says WOW at all