Why I can’t use my Benjamin Firestarter?

Hi everyone, Please help me. Why I can’t use my character? I have buyed but I can’t select.

You need to unlock the base model first.

Why, I have paid for this.

It’s a character skin not the actual character. As Belkain said, you need the base character in order to switch skins.

Welcome to the community OP😎

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Don’t worry, unlocking a character won’t take long.

The game actually warns you of this if you go to buy a skin for a character you don’t have yet.


Yes, that is does.

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And the store explicitly tells you that you don’t own the character yet. Which you have to accept before purchasing the skin.

I don’t understand the confusion at this point

Game - you have to unlock the character before you can use this skin

Customer - proceeds to hold a to confirm this


Yes its a crap system but you are warned


How the OP doesn’t know this by now, I couldn’t help but wonder if they was trolling, sadly I don’t think they was but wow.


Definitely not. New users come on here asking the same question with each new character. Also why people come here baffles me, this isn’t the Gears official forums


That’s pretty funny ■■■■■■■■ is censored lmao

But dickheads isn’t lmfaoo

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Unlock the character.

I’d say fastest way is to play social versus bots, shouldn’t take too long.

Since it’s a game pass game they charge for everything. I’m just guessing that. It does suck since I paid $110 for my copy & a game pass user gets the exact same stuff I got, that was supposed to be exclusive… but that’s another topic…

To use Firestarted Ben, please burn down 10 buildings! :fire::fire::fire:

It’ll take long if you don’t have the scrap to craft a totem.

My advice for Game Pass users is to also get Gears 4, get to the main menu (maybe play a match), then boot up Gears 5 for loyalty rewards, which gives you scrap.

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If you are talking about the road to Gears than that finished a long time ago

No I’m not. I’m talking about basic loyalty rewards anybody can get for playing Gears 4. I did it for two of my guest accounts.

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