Why humans on Sera nearly went extinct

It’s time for storytelling kiddos! Today we will look at the reason as to why humanity nearly went extinct during the locust war.Yes the locust did kill millions to even billions of humans on the day we know as E-Day or Emergence Day. But there was one thing that the COG was terrible in which got them killed in high numbers in every locust assault and that is…THE ROADIE RUN! Whenever the soldiers had to retreat they ran away at an incredibly slow speed to the point of where the locust would just walk or jog towards them instead of running because there was just no point in doing so.It was only after they sunk Jacinto that they finally increased in speed and where actually able to retreat without getting killed(They probably increased in speed because of the fact that they knew they needed run or else they would drown with the locust). But even after they drowned the drowned the locust and made it out of Jacinto they still lost so many soldiers making it not really a win-win.

Thank for tuning in for today’s story time and please tell us your own stories about the COG,Locust, and Swarm.Anyway thank you for tuning in and I hope to see your stories soon.


Yes, and what a fantastic day that was.

Anyway, Humans nearly went extinct because of nothing more than their own arrogance. They deserved all bloodshed that went their way.

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The most famous quote from chairman Prescott which made everyone hate him was…DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM!!!
He deserved to die.

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This reminds me of a time at one of my old jobs a customer pulled out the line “Do you know who my father is?” To which my colleague replied “No sir unfortunately I don’t. Have you asked your mother?” :joy:


Maybe his father was in fact Chairman Prescott and he just inherited that trait from him. Its a beautiful trait to have, one in which only the Prescott’s have.

Cool Op,thanks for the story,

You are very much welcome.I kinda wrote this down as a joke cuz yesterday I was playing gears 1(yes the original not UE) and gears 2 and forgot how annoying it was to deal with their 1 mph run.But to be honest, this story is the truth.

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If ok keep em coming,I’m very much interested in story’s from the locust side.many thanks again my friend

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I’ve never followed the story and the only part I know is that trailer I watched in Gears 5 because I was bored one day. Never touched the campaigns so it’s always interesting to pick up parts of the background from other people.


This wasn’t exactly a gears of war story but rather my only personal look on how the roadie run is in the gears 1 and 2. But after replaying the stories as well I realized that in the cutscenes they also run very slow and thought to myself”This is the perfect thing to make my own gears of war story about.”Actually now that I think about it, this is in fact a true story.