Why Horde in Op 4 is frustrating and not fun, especially for a character reliant on perks to be most effective

This one is largely on the engineers. I have been playing a lot of public frenzy matches on featured maps since beginning of OP 4, and in the start I played as before OP4: Depositing heavily in the beginning if there was an engineer present and waited to buy perks until we had a good economy. I think I must have played at least 50 frenzies since OP4, and can you guess in how many of those matches the engineers built lockers? I think maybe 1 or 2. So now I tend to just wait and see what the engineer does, if he buys lockers first I’ll deposit, but if he starts off building sentries it’s every man for himself and I’ll just build my own locker and perk up. Probably your friends have played too many matches with poor engineers, and know the odds are they will have to buy their lockers themselves anyway.


Finally you understand why my previous post seems toxic finally you experimented The reality with the casuals and noobs when master had a higher difficulty a lots people from those groups never wanted to play on that difficulty it used to work like a filter but now it’s a mess