Why have they removed seeing how many stars you get for any specific medal?

As above question xxxx


That’s exactly what I was wondering. I was looking at what medal to finish next in order to get to next rank, then found I couldn’t.
This makes no sense.

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Yeah this is pretty messed up! Now I don’t know what I need to do to get a lot of stars to get a higher rank pffff


With every step foward, we must take a step back

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But now that you can’t see your stars everyone will be more inclined to buy iron to spend on getting new daily objectives. Truly an ingenious master plan.

I jest of course but it honestly does feel like for every one step forwards The Coaltion take they then take two steps back.


I literally just logged into the game and noticed this too. That’s really weird and wasn’t mentioned in the TU notes, which is extremely sly.

Additionally, and more pressing, I literally can’t play the game now. Every single Versus playlist I try to enter, I get the error message “Unable to connect. Please try again later.” This is also happening in Horde & Escape. In Escape, I can only access past hives too, not the current one.


Oh wow, this is too good.

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Yea I’ve just spotted this, it’s a strange change - unless they are going to make all medals worth the same amount of stars??

In addition following the update I’ve just done 50 waves of horde and the sound cuts out intermittently - it used to do it but it seems worse now - I’m on console

I noticed that too. They fixed the reup stuff but broke the stars. Yeesh.

Let’s not fix the broken things and break the things that are fine and shouldn’t be touched - TC


Probably to hide the stars to effort comparison. Collect 35k power for 3 stars as compared to 15 headshots for 3 stars. One takes about 2+ hours and the other maybe 15 mins…

Showing that they did not test the rate and just throw some “objectives” for gamers to grind.

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happens to me too in horde on console. but way worse in co-op campaign

Right? Not to mention at least one of them is worth less now. I was 1 away from completing 50 past hives, then they change it to survive 5 acts. And it’s only worth 3 stars now. I know it wasn’t before. Come on TC, it’s bad enough half my escape scores didn’t even register on the scoreboard, you have to take even more?

Not exactly about this topic, but they also nerfed Mac’s bloody shot and adrenaline junkie without telling us


Do you still get stars from completing them? I have 2 more challenge Hives to complete to get a medal

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You still get stars, I’m not sure how many though.

Did they really nerf bloody shot? I mean it probably did need a nerf because it’s insane but like…why hide that? Balancing is part of the game.

More stealth nerfs. Thanks TC.

Yep they nerfed it. I had a lvl 4 Bloody Shot with 90% I think and now it went down to like 50%… I can understand the need for a tweak for balancing purposes bc it was pretty strong (at least for up to mid difficulties), but I think it could be debatable as to the amount it was nerfed for the higher difficulties. Though I don’t have a lot of experience with those at the moment, so I’d have to try it out