Why have TC opened up the regions?

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I’ve noticed that yesterday (friday) i played for around 5 hours on ranked TDM and out of the 8 of us in the lobby every time there was 4 - 6 players with 150+ ping and i spoke to a few of them in various games and they confirmed they were drim the likes of the east coast US or mexico and I’m from the UK so my ping against ppl in my region is generally 10 ish so as u can imagine this is a real problem for me.

I get the feeling that you (TC) are experimenting with opening the regions up as I’ve watched various dev streams and tac com streams and for some strange reason ppl seem to put getting games, skill and ping in these orders.

All in all i can’t think of anything worse than playing in high ping lobbies as the effect of this is actually has the same feel as getting nailed by someone with aim assist or more accurately the magnetism side of aim assist and on top of a ever present bad netcode which @mjrdecision acknowledged in last nights dev stream it just makes for a continuously poor pvp experience :face_vomiting:

I do think that my theory of open regions is because of the REALLY LOW player population and this I’m afraid will only accelerate the decline in player population.

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The longer u search for a match the more regions open up, been like this for a while now.

The other players may have been searching for sometime or had on faster match setting.
Tc cant win, u either have longer wait times to find the best match by searching in ur region only or it opens it up to different regions for a faster match.

Everyone who has bought this game is entitled to play regardless of where they live with a stable connection, however it isnt always possible due to player base, what time u search at and many more reasons.

I fine with playing ppl at any ping if it means everyone gets matches faster, what i am against tho is unfair skill based match making (provokes quitters even more)

Also Michael shannon is on the pve side and i dont think jimm has anything to do with matchmaking settings, more of a weapon balance, movement tester(plz correct if im wrong)

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I know that the longer you wait the more regions open up but it seems that it has been mentioned that quicker game finds are a higher priority than ping by quite a few high profile community members over the past week that the pings are a lot higher and like i said, i feel like the population has gone to a all time low and it’s a sad sign of the games decline im afraid.

As for everyone being entitled to play the game, yes your totally right but the fact that US/south american playerbase is considerably higher than the EU gives no reason for TC to open them up for us all to play together because it’s a really poor experience imo and as for skill level matching, if your a quality onyx player and then having to play against 150+ pingers then it doesn’t matter if your playing against bronze/silver or diamond/masters then the netcode/lag comp takes it all away and it’s then like playing with aim assist again for me where im chunked when im clearly out of the firing line or im having a gnash off and 1st shot lands then i press RT again and nothing fires and then BOOM! I’m chunked so how can I or anybody for that matter enjoy the experience?

I know that a couple of the ppl who i tagged aren’t directly involved with this issue but the ppl that are don’t always respond especially when the netcode/lag comp gets brought up so the more team members that see it the better imo

Thanks for you view on the matter too :+1:t2: