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Why have I lost 9000 skill points?!?

Last night I was Onyx 1 king of the hill, with about 18000 skill points, just played a ranked match and I’ve lost 9000 skill points back down to gold 2?!? What the hell?!?


They made a change

I am assuming this is why you and many others have seen the change in your rank.

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Nah that was days ago, my rank already changed, I’ve been grinding for days since then made it to onyx 1 and I’ve lost 9000 skill points, which has took me days of grinding to build up. I’m sick of this


not sure then. i will check mine when i get home to see if i have dropped any since last night.

Yes please let me know, I just don’t understand???

So you are gold 2 with 9,000 skill points?

Funny, I see a lot of silver 2s and 3s with 14,000+…


I was onyx 1 with 18000 about 12 hours ago

yep. same thing happen to me. i was tier 3 last night, now i am 70% tier 2. big drop off for no reason. wtf is the point to sit and grind up in rank only to keep having huge drop offs for no reason at all

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Thanks for letting me know. It’s depressing this. I’ve dropped from 18000 onyx 1 to 9000 silver 3. Days worth of grind wasted . Feel like uninstalling.




seriously this is getting ridiculous.

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We looked into the ranking system. Everything is working as intended :smile: