Why has the onyx guard not come as a pack or Prescott?

They haven’t got the onyx guard out which sucks because all the black steel cost money,and they keep making the characters craftable which I wouldn’t have a problem with if I didn’t pay 10 dollars to get the pack becaude I thought I was a 1 time thing and I already spent 20k credits with no luck


onyx gaurd and precott will probably be saved for gears5. i mean did you not want TC to save some of the good stuff for the next installment? though i wouldn’t mind getting a sneak peek character from gears5.

That is true but wouldn’t they save Ramm than because he was also in gears 3 versus but they brought him,they didn’t bring the Hunter either

yeah there seems to be a few fan favorites that hasn’t made it back. we’ll just have to wait and see.

Perhaps they are aaving the two for Gears 5 as they dont want to put all their eggs in one basket, namely Gears 4.

I predict Karn to be released at some point for GOW4. :wink:

My best bet is that prescott, onyx guard, onyx guard female, locust hunter, locust miner , golden hunter , golden miner, alex brand, alicia valeria , micheal barrack, sofia hendricks, paduk , loomis, savage theron guard, savage hunter, savage marauder and the spotter should be in gears 5. I know they put a lot of fan favorite characters for gears 4 but I assume they have to save some characters for gears 5 so people won’t be saying things like " Oh gears 4 is better because it has more of the past characters".

I agree, plus people would then complain why doesnt Gears 5 have old characters like Gears 4 did.

Been requested alot. Onyx gaurd, golden hunter and miner

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All characters have to be remade from the ground up in 4k Its not as simple as porting it like Epic did with the classic characters (whose mouths did not move and they had no eyes. ) It takes too much time away from the new games. Its cheaper to do reskins.

Indeed, not to mention getting the VA in to record the lines. All of this is done months in advanced anyway. If they didnt pre plan this, then its unlikely its coming to Gears 4.

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