Why has nothing changed with horde!

Please fix the fabricator or do a horde 4.0 and horde 5.0 so if you like the gears 4 horde set up you go to horde 4.0 still the same maps thats on 5 and bosses just have more power and characters can be the same as 4 with the diff abilities that you choose. I do understand some people like this horde but give us an options also. I do believe and i think alot of people will agree horde 4 was perfect the way you guys set it up. Also where is the bonus rounds for horde like headshots or 2 min time limits for extra power? I know you guys did do an amazing job on the game but pleaseeee change or give us options on horde.

Horde is always last to get anything.
To be honest I’d forgot about bonus waves, but now you mention them I don’t miss them as usually no one actually bothered.
Sometimes I wished it was more like extinction on cod ghosts. Where from the start if the first one failed everyone quit and started a new lobby
After a while people actually started to try to complete them.

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Well, in 5 they actually got rid of most issues that were complained about in 4: the possibility for everyone to build, everyone picking power, mortar strike, sniper strike and hammer of dawn (when used unreasonable).

Along with this of course comes new additions and new things to complain about: hero system, lack of ammo, lack of energy etc. Out of these my biggest concern is the hero system and how skewed the characters are regarding skills. Power is not an issue if just everyone realize that upgrading your own character is more or less meaningless.

In 4 there were so many things, which were so funny. Shoot with a Dropshot or with the R4L salve as an expert, play as a soldier and throw thousands of grenades to the enemies during a horde match, especially the shock grenades, oh i loved it. :grin: Play as a sniper with the explosive headshots, oh yes, that was great too. The damage resistance and the speed of an scout and all the things you could build as the pionier. The only things they let are the pionier with Del and maybe the expert with JD, but not so good as in Gears 4. And in Gears 5 there were so many chars, which you need in no situation! A Emile, a Marcus, a Fahz, a Sarah, a KAT…you never need these chars, because they are to weak in relation to the others. The mode in 4 was wreally good. In my opinion they just had to support the mode from 4 with new stuff. What they did with the horde mode in 5 is 4 steps back from 4.


Aint this possible with Sarah Connor? She has extra grenades, extra grenade damage and extra ammo for Salvo as skills.

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Sadly the shop and versus takes priority in TCs eyes -.-

Honestly more people are probably playing horde than versus by now.

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It’s amazing that in 3 months, the only horde change we’ve seen is the scoreboard not staying on screen as long. That has never even worked when I’ve tried it since they reduced the time it shows for. Still shows up for an eternity for me :roll_eyes:

I’ve always been a guy who plays versus mainly, but enjoyed horde a lot in gears 4. In 5, they removed all the fun from it.

The sniper class was amazing in 4. In 5, all the good stuff like explosive headshot has been relegated to during x-ray only. So you’ve not only lost the enjoyable visual explosion of multiple enemies, you can only do it now a handful of times per match.

Amazing how much of a step back this is compared to the horde mode in 4. :unamused:

It feels like TC prefer escape to horde mode by far. The favouritism they’ve shown to escape compared to horde is both disappointing and very concerning for the future of horde in gears 5 (and potentially even gears 6)


Id like to know whose Idea was it to release 4 characters with half as many perks as the rest of the classes?


And to make two of the characters completely OP(although, in Kait’s defense, she exposes herself to far more risk than JD to use the Gnasher and Overkill effectively, so it feels more appropriate on her… while JD can fire his weapons from almost complete safety nearly all the time) while everyone else is basically just there, beyond Del’s base building and maintaining and Jack reviving/forging stuff. While the three Hivebuster characters and Emile feel like they are done just right for Escape and don’t feel too powerful(though, admittedly, Emile is a better pick than Lahni most of the time due to his melee bleed that is active at any time). Keegan isn’t just a free out of jail(or hive) card like JD is even with Shredder and the ability to get explosive ammo in the venom. Even if he can do a lot of carrying it’s not like he can just randomly derp around and hardly think about his actions, unlike the completely mindless Lancer grenade spamming a lot of JDs “practice”. Doesn’t even take much skill, the grenade almost never misses its target regardless of where you aim it so long as it’s near the enemy.

And that’s not mentioning just how obnoxious the GL spamming gets, both from a gameplay and audio perspective. The firing and explosion sounds it makes are not very pleasing to hear when you put up with it for over two hours, and sometimes the spam is so much you literally can’t see where the enemies are.

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I remember in gears 4 back when the meta was 3 heavies with salvos -.-
No one could compete with that before they patched it. I feel like were at that point now but only 1 person can be the class designed to do it.

Ugh. Don’t remind me of those days. Being a Sniper pre-June 2017 was already not the easiest(at least Scions would only take two Longshot headshots to kill on Insane there), but when there was a Salvo spammer you could basically just sit back and watch. Everything would be dead before you got shots off on it. At least the roles were more balanced out post-June besides the Soldier class, even if sometimes a Sniper would rack up all the kills, the Torque Bow was an option to fall back to for longer ranged headshot works.

But now? Just feels even worse. At least if the map is favorable towards closer ranged fighting, Kait can do something before the Lancer grenade spam gets to it. Don’t get me started on when I see lobbies where people have duplicated JD. Even one is already bad enough, but two? No thanks, I’m out. If it’s not a match I already spent considerable time in and will not have time to do another, I’m not staying, or I’ll not join such lobbies.

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Then I maybe must level up her, because I have her only at lvl 4. :grin:

But I didn´t think, that it could be possible as in Gears 4, because in 5 you have double power for the enemies (on dificulty master). And I would appreciate it, when they go away from this hero system. When I would to play with Kait as a soldier or with JD as a sniper, then this should be possible. And I miss the +1 grenade perk every…15 seconds? from Gears 4…that…was…awesome. :smile:

Sarah is my least used character next to grace(cause i refuse to pay $20 for her) Nothing against Sarah I just lvled up everyone else.
Jack is 18
Kat is almost 18
Cog is 17
Kait is 16
Del is 15
JD is 14
Marcus/Fahz/Emile are 9
Sarah is like…3 :stuck_out_tongue:

When the first horde (Gears 2) is better than the 4th iteration…somebody gotta get their P45

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Grace is lvl 1 in my game and she is going to be this lvl until she is in the store for the price of maybe 1-2 $, then I MAYBE buy her char. :smile:

And the others, let me try to say it out of my head:

Jack 17
Kait 17 or 18
COG 17
Del 18
JD 18
Marcus 16
Emile 17
Kat 13
Fahz 6

In this way it could be right. :grinning:

Because they are trying to kill it, just think about it. every update is either for Ranked or Escape.
just look how they are telling you to play “by forcing a class” onto you and unless you are down with it you may play.
by now should be enough time for them to removed that stoopid class system, if they can fix flash bang, omen, the way Rank works etc. should be easy to fix horde but instead the come with bullsh!t.
I used to enjoy Horde a lot but this thing they doing with it right now it’s f%#& Up!

Maybe, but then they must except, that many players going to play other games or go back to earlier Gears titles. I will wait what OP 2 brings and, when nothing wreally important changes in the horde mode, I go back to play Gears 4. For a online game like Gears it´s not only important how many buy the game. It´s important how many players keep playing the game too.

Your hopes are high. let’s hope they don’t let you down, personally I don’t expect much from this studio anymore.
I already know their narrative " We working on it ". it’s simple they don’t care much but they should, after all Horde was one of the game modes that make Gears of War big in the first place.
I hate to say but probably this is the beginning of the end overall.

I know that they are high. :grinning: And I dont think, that TC is going to change the things into a player friendlier game, but the hope is all, which keeps me playing this game at the Moment. So…we will see what TC is going to do or not going to do.