Why has Marcus never been promoted?

In the original Gears of War, Marcus is promoted to sergeant. But, after saving the world, and pulling of years worth of incredibly difficult missions, he is still a sergeant. Why don’t they promote him?

Because he is a criminal and technically not part of the COG anymore. He was in prison and Dom broke him out. I don’t think he is allowed to be promoted.


Looks like he also left the COG, presumably at the end of the Locust War or soon after.


Correct, after all the chaos that the Locust War brought and all the losses he suffered…I think he was happy to “retire” and developed a small passion for tomatoes. :tomato::tomato:


You mentioning Dom brought back some memories.

You know you gotta have love for your bro that was there for almost 3 games :disappointed_relieved:

Or perhaps he just don’t want to get promoted? He probably prefers to be to get his hands dirty than follow orders and stuff.

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You mean, than give orders and stuff :+1:

But he definitely didn’t lack the ability when originally meeting Cole and Baird in Gears 1 :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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He’s role playing a rookie/private.

Yea being promoted would mean more work…no one wants to work more…

Or a higher position would move him from his position with the rest of his squad and he didn’t want to leave them…classic love story.

He choose not to be promoted, he wanted to stay fighting in the field alongside his squad

Pretty much this :+1: