Why has Horde devolved so horribly lately

I want to vent slash ask what in the world is going on with Horde? i literally cant get a 50 wave game on the special feral listed going on now. It seems impossible. the trends are .

  1. more than 2 players haven’t RE-Upped once yet so everyone quits.
    2.There is some sniper guys that no one will play with because they just hide and then use sniper strike on the boss waves.
    3.someone other than engineer is building or worse moving the fabricator.
    4.scout cant do the job of getting the energy because they have the wrong card setup.
    5.there one newbie and he keeps going way out and dying a bunch and or also taking energy.
    6.Everyone just quits no reason.
    It’s getting tough to play. I’m thinking horde light or hitting the boards in groups.
    Anyone else notice trend?

What’s your level?

Reup 9 Level99 (sooo close)

That’s public horde for you! I only play with friends!


Don’t listen to that kinda crap.

Go insane. Finish it and try hell mode (inconceivable).

Feral is hardcore, no? Leave it for rookies.

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Come on, just bumping into the wrong folks. Love playing Sniper, never use Strikes. Easy Peazy
Of course, always bumping into bums. Make the best out of it I say.

This is why difficulties should be locked for lower level horde players. ie. if your selected class isn’t level 10, you are locked out of inconceivable.


Sadly there’s nothing to be done, maybe Horde would have been better if TC given the same support as they do for versus.


Oh, haha it’s not going to be fixed in this iteration. I am not even sure why people piss and moan on these forums anymore. Once these last achievements are done, this game will be in it’s death rattle. Unless something majorly breaks, nothing will be changing in this game ever again.

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Yeah cause Versus is fully operational and running at peak efficiency :smiley:


Would probably require more lockout requirements than that. During the 5x XP back in June, if you used 20 wave XP bounties, you could do 3 runs of Horde Lite and fully level a class by the 10th wave of the 3rd run. I hadn’t played Sniper or Heavy before that event, and that’s all it took to max them.

I’ve played some Insane, but never unlocked Inconceivable (though I can apparently join a match if invited). I feel confident enough about my card levels for some classes / builds in the higher difficulties, but I’m courteous enough toward the community to not venture into them with classes where I know my card levels wouldn’t cut it. Can’t say the same about everyone.

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I had a few days where inconceivable was great. Then lately no matches come up. I actually had to buy cards lol

I’m fine with that as long as they can use all 5 cards. I don’t mind backpacking people around in horde. I just don’t enjoy those people who have 1 card slot open and want to run insane for achievements. Play the game and level your classes or drop down to an easier difficulty.

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Of course there is…LFG…people here make posts that aren’t speed runs and they workout. I see a bunch on LFG that are for normal runs and people join them

Bam, Just did it and GOT MY MOTHERLOVING WINGS> IM so stoked. Im not a great player or super good but i enjoy it and love th teamwork aspect of Horde. Finally to get my wings. OMFG it feel great.


Congrats… now for wings 2😬

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Didnt Horde Support technically stop after the first and last post launch Horde update? (Rise of the Horde)

Honestly they should have had a dedicated dev team for Horde.

While it may not be working as we hope, still seems like focus is always on versus :stuck_out_tongue:


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I recently ran a few public Feral Hordes so I could get used to sniping with a mouse and I’ve not experienced any great issues with pub players that weren’t there before. In fact, I’ve had fewer people quitting. Seems most people still playing this game actually try now.

Out of 6,only 1 couldn’t be completed. And, I admit I left one of them early when the engineer got me really irritated (when I went to the back to deposit my headshot bonus money he had built a wall of a dozen sentries around the fabricator but refused to share a single one with the team).

You passed through re up 10 entirely in a few hours?

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