Why guardian and no execution

This game is in desperate need of a competitive execution playlist with less noob like weapon tuning. Wtf are you guys thinking up at TC? Don’t you guys learn from your mistakes? When you take a dump on your core fan base it’s just detrimental to your product. Your game is popular as a cult fan base. Play to your fan base and stop tying to jerk us around in hope to grow. You grow by a FOUNDATION. This game is a noob friendly hide and seek match. Your fans don’t want this.

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Execution did not feature at Launch as TC stated its was by far the least played Mode in 4.


Guardian is not more popular then execution never was never has been. So they are lying because they want the game to Be taken into a diff direction. They constantly try to eliminate execution and ppl complain and they bring it back it’s been happening for years

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I guess… they are lying then?