Why Gears POP! put "Ever changing balance" as a good feature?

For everyone who aren’t familiar with the game, POP! is celebrating 1 year. This is the in-game message:

"One Year of Gears POP!

This time last year, the battles were just beginning!

With new familiar faces from the Gears universe joining the fight each month, an ever changing balance, Horde events-a-plenty and the recent addition of PVP event rules - Gears POP! has come a long way over the past 12 months!

Thank you to all our players for joining us on the journey so far and here’s to many more exciting battles to come!

Over the next week, keep an eye on the store, your inbox and event rewards to score some special anniversary goodies!"

Everyone knows that if you have an OP team, you will invest less on the game. Why I want to spend leveling up Shock Sentry if with my current team I can wipe out almost everything (This is only an example, my team doesn’t wipe out everything xD)

The balance that they speak most of the time is for nerfing a good unit and:

1- Buff a new pin so you “need” to buy boxes
2- Buff a pin no one uses
3- Buff a pin who is counter against the OP pin that month, so next month the nerf goes to the new buffed pin

Those cases involves wanting to buy boxes for leveling up the new buffed pin (or pins). Everyone can remember how OP was RAAM and how many times he was nerfed, but he was OP for a long time so players wanted to buy with real money boxes to unlocked and leveled him.

(Read with the voice of some infomercial pitchmen)

So, you enjoyed playing with RAAM? Got those juicy 3-0 matches without sweating?

Now is your opportunity to use a new pin, expend a lot of money on it and maybe on 1 or 2 months it will be nerfed!!

Take RAAM as an example. He was a GOD, he inspired fear into his enemies, you know what the enemy will do when they save 10 energies. But we are talking on past sentences, because my friend, he was THE CHOOSEN ONE to get 2 nerfs!! Because 1 nerf is never enough, he called to our promo in less than 30 minutes and he got 2 NERFS at the price of 1!!

Sound crazy, right? Well, here is the catch: The better players expend a LOT of money to get gold rank every month.

You don’t want to be a loser, right? EVERYONE can reach the gold league investing money, but losers and people who can’t affort it expend valuable time and psychological well-being TRYING to reach gold league (Insert here footage of players suffering playing on mobile, crying and throwing his/her mobile out of the window, all with a black and white effect).

(Stop reading as a infomercial pitchmen)

Joke aside, for me the game so-called “Ever changing balance” is just another form to grab more money of the players who want to win always. I got RAAM randomly on a box, maybe 1 week before the 1st nerf. I couldn’t use it because the other players had RAAM at level 2 or even 3, the same with Winter armor Kait and so many others.

Devs had the time to play with the new pins, see how they perform and nerfed or buffed before released. Obviously they wait to nerf an OP pin so players spent money on them.

It’s the same if Gears 5 put “ever changing Gnasher balance” as a good point or feature. That isn’t a good feature. Gears 5 isn’t like Gears POP!, they didn’t add new weapons every month. Tuning must be ideally right from the start, you can tuning 2 or 3 times on the game’s lifetime.

Now at least with Gears 5 I didn’t have to expend money on getting another weapon leveled up because Gnasher is useless now, my skill is in game for the tuning, not my wallet.

(I forgot to say that one in-game message on February was about stopping balancing pins, it’s August and still we have nerf more than buffs, but I have to admit it that they were less than before)