Why Gears is dying

If only the admins listened… they should have built of UE because that and gow 1 have been the most played gears games. I only play gears 1 and ue because the new ones are unplayable…

The 06’ vets going dummy on this Sunday.


GoWUE with wall cancelling probably would’ve been the best GoW.


I like gears 2


I like all Gears games. Yes, even the first one and yes, even Gears 5.


I see you’re a person of culture too


I think what people overlook the most is xbox’s popularity as whole declined significantly starting with that atrocity of that E3 2013 Xbox One reveal. So naturally all of MS’s franchisees declined as well which includes Gears.


Oh my…

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So Ghost is the reason Gears is dying. I knew it!


Not an admin.


Well someone needs to take the blame.


In the GOW universe I think it’s known as an Escape Goat.


Oh this is painful. There’s no harm in praising the original game, but at least give any kind of logical input as to why every sequel is unplayable.

Don’t be so damn lazy.

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Is that fact ? I’m surprised, I would have guessed G3 would have been the most played, this seemed to be the absolute peak of “Gears-Mania”

As for Gears I love all Gears, with 3 being my favourite. I’m not sure that Gears is dying, just that we have a “stable” playerbase that has probably not altered much since G4 on. We did take a big hit with player reduction with J. That was definitely a misstep.

I spend most of my time on Gears 5 control. It would be on Gears 3 KOTH but for low players and some very inconsistent connections.

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I think it’s less about ‘Xbox’ and more about Leadership. The Xbone had some design issues that were gone with by the Series S/X, while also being sold as something more than it should’ve.

Gears 5 came out a whole six years after the Xbone release and much after the Series S/X consoles (Xbox One S/X). It’s not a trickle-down decline for six years straight, Xbox wouldn’t be nearly the place it’s been recently.

Currently Xbox is killing in the studio/service game with XBGP being a great deal at 15$, less than a Netflix subscription and you get loads of games and Gold on top of that. Adding studios like Bethesda, Obsidian and others are only going to expand their repertoire. Maybe not 2023, but I bet by 24/25 Xbox will be killing it in the exclusives game with all the new heavy-hitter studios they have. On top of Gamepass.

Edited after the fact, Thinking for a moment I guess I can’t take all the blame off of Xbox, my main point was just that the decline in 2013 is unrelated to the state of Gears 5. I think XBS can take blame for the people they put onto Gears for the sake of having someone (I believe Dana is one of those), as well as any external control they flex on the studio. Unsure of what amount they had on it but I can’t write it off either way.

This isn’t all against you Defensor- just got on a roll, mainly for OP;

Gears is not bad because Xbox is bad on the whole, Gears is bad because of Leadership. Gears UE was just a facelift on G1, not that great to play (at least I don’t think so) but a good starting point for a mostly fresh studio picking up an established IP. Gears 4 felt very underdeveloped, and pushed too hard in the PVP department, with tuning changes that flipped on the week while leaving PvE in the dust.

Gears 5 stretched it’s arms too wide, had too many conscripted devs and pushed itself in every direction while never excelling in one. I wish it was delayed a year longer like Infinite but we have what we have. Post all the additions, Hivebusters and the updates it’s a solid TPS and a midline Gears game. The campaign leaves a bit to be desired but other than the filler content the game isn’t “dying,” the multiplayer and PvE do a lot more than past games, even where they don’t pull it off. It’s just a very undecided vision. Rod left after a year, Mr. Clevage ain’t here no more. Dana (not sure if he’s still on board) didn’t know the difference between Halo 3 and Gears 3.

If Gears had a seasoned and strong visioned director at helm I’d feel more confident. It doesn’t take much. Look at Steve Fukuda, was a designer for Infinity Ward but given the helm and control of a game, he gave us Titanfall 2. Or Cory Barlog, who’s passion brought the spectacle of God of War (2018).

Gears needs time and a clear vision. I’m very confident with this. Can’t make a AAA game by committee on the Forums. No “admin” or Ghosted moderator gonna make those changes. Gears 5 got better, or at least it leaned more in the way of the fans’ wishes as it persisted.

It’s not dying, just in a rut. It’s currently now around the same spot Halo 5 was. A solid game… but a “bad” game in the series. If it was an unrelated new IP, it’d be a solid 8/10 TPS and people wouldn’t complain every last week about it. It needs a reboot. A kick in the ■■■. Something to set it on course. I wouldn’t mind seeing the next game taking a 4-5 year development cycle. A big timeline and focus on the core of the game, instead of tossing in hopscotch executions, “Laugh” emotes and a bunch of flags that don’t do anything.

Gears 5 does everything. But it just does them okay.


Or a very clearly rushed “hero” system with classes that don’t match the character that well, while that kind of thing really doesn’t do anything to change the gameplay and only annoys players who don’t get to use their favorites in a franchise that’s partly all about the characters even in the MP modes. It’s not the kind of change that people want, matters or even that Gears needs.

No, I’m not letting that one go.


Because the director of Gears series left to design Gears, so the story of GoW 6 will be unfamiliar or strange.

Gears 5 is a unfinished game, the core mechanism is very messy. They thought they can deal with it, but they just waste too much time on fixing bugs & changing system. However, the DLC is worth to play with.

Why resident evil game can remain its popularity and Gears don’t, but Halo can…so who should be blamed?

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To me, Gears 1 is 8/10, Gears 2 is 9/10, Gears 3 is 10/10, Gears 5 is 7/10, Gears 4 I don’t know, but I tend to give 7.5/10

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I think it’s really due to the changed gaming landscape. It’s not 2006 anymore. What was acceptance then is either not now or been built upon. Gaming has ballooned to the point that making a game HAS to be safe. Studios are more worried about monetization and player retention because us as gamers have been screaming for MORE for years.
We are part of the problem unfortunately.

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Because the game is laggy and there are waaay too many “WTF!!!” moments. A shooting game cannot survive when all of the players are “seeing” different moments in time… Even gears.


I love these games and they were great for their time, but even 8/10 or 9/10 is kinda high I think. Maybe 6/10 and 8/10 would be right.

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