Why Gears 5's Multiplayer is a Broken & Flawed Mess

Hey Shepard Gaming here and I just finished my video on the flawed experience of Gears 5 multiplayer since my first 2 videos on the game did well!

This video is all about Gears 5 versus mode, and why it’s so hated by the majority of gears fans. This includes issues such as a terrible versus roster, awful customization, bullet magnetism, bad matchmaking especially for EU players, OP lancers, map design, gnasher inconsistencies, and more! Sorry, this was delayed for a little while as I had the flu, but I hope the video turned out well and was worth the wait!


LMAO no cap i just finished watching your gears 5 vid published on september 12 and saw this post and realized it was you who created that vid… what are the chances haha.

But just skimmed through this vid (watched the entirety of the other) and agree with everything.

Movement/combat, as well as other aspects in multiplayer need to be fixed asap before the decline leads to 1% of the population playing lmao. Keep up the great vids.


Lol that part of the video with just lancering from the top on icebound - that is the game in a nutshell. To me, it feels like the game is not for those who really want to dig in and play hours and hours. It is a game to just hop on once in a while. A game you can play with your grandma.

This is in essence a gow j 2.0. It has the same idea and focus, which is to casualize the game.


Pretty much yeah lol.

Get ready for the backlash from the fake fans xD


Nice video perfect hit every aspect


Another one :man_facepalming:t3:…just leave then please

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Lol I guess the chances are pretty good! Glad you found my channel and these vids though! I’ll definitely have to do videos on why the OG trilogy was great as well so people can see why hardcore fans don’t like gears 5 as much!


Fake fans? Ive put countless of hours in every gears of war and actually enjoy gears 5. Does it have flaws that need addressing, most certainly. Is the game enjoyable? Subjective, to me yes. It is.

Take subjective comments the way they are intended rather than calling them fake fans.


Find myself maybe playing an hour a day. You’re spot on.


What kinda bothers me about the whole thing (and being serious for a moment) is the devs openly denying there are these problems.

I understand from a PR perspective they might have to, but treat us with a little respect especially when there is well thought out videos such as this and from Vii(?).

The game may well “survive” on game pass players spending a few bucks here and there, but it won’t thrive.


I couldn’t agree more @MasterAndChief


I think you could have focused on a few more of the issues. 1 very important “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” point I think should never be left behind is the new inverse omen. That trash needs to go.


Brilliant vid. I would love TC to watch and comment/try to defend against what you are clearly saying and we are all clearly seeing.


Don’t know why you’re taking it personal as if I directly called you a fake fan, guess you are if you had to reply to it assuming i directed it to ‘your type’

Great that you put in countless of hours in every gears of war, as have most of us. Doesn’t mean because you still enjoy it the game isn’t at a critical stage that needs help

Man listen Ill say fake fans, so what?

This man is spot on in his assessment. Gears is a broken mess and anyone supporting it to me is a fake you know what Cog.

This game from the second I played felt horrible and not what Gears was always, and should always be.

They tried this with other versions.

There’s only one thing that can be done. Stop playing. The way I did with 2 and most notably 3. Once fixed, Ill come right on back. If people keep playing like nothing is wrong they will feel as such.

When will gamers ever say enough, and not buy unfinished games? Because we have for years and its not stopping anytime soon in this “We can patch it later” generation of gaming.

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That’s pretty much the people are doing nowadays , I just couldnt help to watch the dramatic increase of players on gears 4 or 3 , .


I completed a horde map 5 min ago freakin 2 hours, did several medals, in the end of match screen server disconnects got nothing no exp no medals nothing, campaign is broken mp is broken wtf how can you ■■■■ up a game this big

I am thrilled to hear that. And I am on board as well. Its the only thing we can and should do. I wanted to love this game. Instead it chased me away into the arms of my ex, Gears 4.


Same situation here = ) glad that there’s a lot of good players on Gears 4.


GoW has been getting more casual literally since the 2nd one with or without Epic I think we were always going to end up here.