Why Gears 5 Matchmaking Is So BAD!


This isn’t addressed yet? I thought it got better recently, but admittedly, that may be due to the massive de-rank everyone just suffered. Currently D2 in Guardian, Masters in KOTH, but maybe when my buds get their rank back I’ll be waiting in lobbies all ever again.

I’m playing on Gamepass right now and I’ll definitely not buy once the trial runs out if I find this is still a thing.

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I guess it’s not so bad playing solo anymore lol

It’s not just the Versus mode, Escape and Horde matchmaking is terrible too. People quit out and don’t get replaced (or with seriously incompetent and annoying AI soldiers), allowing low level characters on higher difficulties, duplicate characters due to a last second join, the countdown stopping 20 or more seconds early when the roster isn’t full, etc, etc, etc.
What baffles me the most is that TC can’t even properly code a UI when elements are overlapping and prevent you from seeing things like a duplicate character. It’s even worse than in Gears 4 where people already made fun of “Matchmaking” being cut in half.

Love the video proof and examples thank God you had those clips. everything you disliked made sense and was spot on . Coalition if your reading this Gears 5 is a Giant piece of S**T, you should all fire yourselves