Why gears 5 is not that popular IMHO

Because it’s a gnasher fest. And that’s it. It’s not as fun to play as it could be and it’s HORRIBLE to watch, truly horrible. At least is one of the reasons.

The gnasher is cool, sure, but it’s a very inconsistent weapon, so engagement are much more random than any other weapon. Of course, there’s people who are better at it, but even the best player every now and then dies like a moron while running around with their gnasher.

And that’s what I see most of the time. I’ve not been playing for long, so I usually still prefer longer range weapons, and there’s not many things that look as dumb as all these people running around with their gnasher hoping that you don’t notice them until they’re too close. Really, it looks so stupid.

Have you ever tried to watch gears 5 on twitch? Right now it has the same viewers as Mario 64 (lol). There’s only people, who kinda look like they know what they’re doing, that use gnasher like 95% of the time. You just watch them running around, bouncing frantically, hoping to have the luckiest fight. The only time they use lancer is to switch it with another weapon. It’s the most boring thing you can watch.

I’ve tried to convince a couple of friends to play gears with me, so they went on twitch to check it out, then they asked me if I was joking. Honestly I can’t blame them.

You might think that I’m here just to complain because I suck at gnasher, I don’t. I do fine. I just don’t like to use it as much as everyone else, apparently. And any game would be a terrible game if it was dominated by just one weapon, and that’s what’s happening to gears.

Now I understand perfectly that if long/mid range weapon were too strong then people wouldn’t ever move out of their covers, I understand that we need a balance, but I think this balance is not good now and some tweaks are needed.

Am I the only one frustrated with this?


Dude it’s in the official definition:


Oh, if all we had to blame for the game’s unpopularity was the Gnasher we’d sure be in a much better place with this game. If only it was just that.

No, I’m not a Gnasherhead. Very much a range-oriented player. But this game’s issues are also down to Horde which, even though TC has attempted new things, quite simply doesn’t play differently enough from how Gears 4 was to make it new and keep it engaging. Their horrible attempt at creating a “hero” system, which is still something I despise saying, as well as extreme power differences between characters(which may be getting a good fix with Operation 3s balance pass - I’ll be the judge of that when I see it), very little additions to enemy variety besides more Drone variations(looking at you, Elites), the Rejects, Matriarch and Warden, extremely stupid and bad enemy “balancing” that only consists of making enemies more spongy, accurate and players more squishy, and is absolutely a general lack of replayability in Horde(and Escape, which is the only real issue that mode has right now in my view), extremely unrewarding and overly grindy systems(Reups, namely, and the Ally system, but at least we know they’re looking to improve the latter, whereas we have little information on the ifs and whens on Reup improvements, namely to “The Grind”), and the inability for TC to find a proper balance between the completely absurd 50 wave match duration in Horde which regularly last above two hours even when you’re just playing Advanced, and the 12 wave Frenzy knockoff that last too short and basically ends when you’re just about to get into things.

And that’s just mentioning some of the issues, be it gameplay related or not.


While the gnasher is the main weapon for PvP, its not the reason why the game isnt that popular. I say this because PvP isnt the only thing that Gears has to offer. There are multiple reasons why Gears isnt popular. Theres plenty of issues with each mode the game offers and thats why its not as popular as previous Gears titles

Also its not a great game to watch others play and its always been that way.

Gears of War in general is not fun to watch. Every time I see someone else playing it in a video or a stream, I close it and I go to play it as soon as possible. I don’t want to watch the chaos, I want to BE the chaos (lol). Anyway, gnasher is bad since the last update (after 11th February if I’m not mistaken). It wasn’t perfect even then, but now it is awful for me.

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Couldn’t agree more, people like the story/ campaign, hence books and merchandise ect sell, but people dont stick around for PvP because it’s so hard for new players to get into it. TC knows this that’s why they made Arcade mode, but I dont think its enough. If it were my call the gnasher wouldn’t be a starting load out weapon. I know that won’t happen but I cam dream lol


You would probably enjoy using it if you were good with it. It’s fun. Practice skill shots. Get good with them and it’ll bring your game to another level.

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Gears 5 is surprisingly the least Gnasher-centric compared to the previous main titles (minus 4 in the beginning I guess).
Lancer is no longer a peashooter like it used to be but it got scaled back so that it isn’t too overbearing and almost every power weapon is pretty great too (minus Boomshot and Markza as of right now).

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To be fair, 2 and 3 were a good time to be a Hammerburst user

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God yes it was. It went from being a slightly better rifle to just being the Snub’s beefy brother.

And then the turbo controllers came in…

So I guess Gears 3 is the other contender, mainly out of Epic’s spite lol

I played some versus yesterday and got fed up pretty quickly of players just running straight at me whilst being shot with the lancer. 11 shots from a pretty hefty assault rifle = 80% damage and 0 stopping power, resulting in me getting blown to bits from 3 meters aways with the gansher. I’ve got no problem with using the gansher but it has become pointless to use any other weapon most of the time. Why not just make ganshers koth a permanent mode?

The cry baby 06 vets finally got their way and made versus a complete bore again. Thanks


The gnasher is Gears. Without it or by toning it down, I know I for one wouldn’t be interested in the PvP.

It’s hard to get into if you’re a new player sure, but rainbow six siege is hard as hell being a tactical shooter yet has a huge player base after all the years. Gears is unique, comparatively there’s no multiplayer experience like it, it doesn’t need to be made easier or moulded to accommodate new players, if people were interest they would take the time to adapt.

Regardless of this, when it was first released the game was a lancer fest and was incredibly OP. I’m assuming that was to accommodate new players who were coming over from more pick up and play shooters

But guess what they didn’t stick around and it’s not because of the gnasher, but because of the incomplete experience.The content was drip fed and severely lacking with outlandishly price mtx, the PvP experience was and is (in my opinion) the worst in the franchise and it struggled to find a balance between appealing to players new and old, alienating both player bases.

The only reason this game is unpopular is due to TC, frankly they’re too small a studio to deliver what the game needs to be widely successful.

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Without the gnasher there is no gears. Just your same rifle shooter, the same as every other tps/fps.
Shotgun only battles are literally THE unique thing about gears.


And the chainsaw gun. Forgot its name.


I don’t recall any other TPS having the same movement like Gears.
Uncharted, Last of Us, GTA/Red Dead (lmao) and Crackdown definitely don’t play like it.

Judgment is as close to blurring the line between Gears and other TPS as you can get it seems.

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Yeah, a chainsaw bayonet was new to gaming, but is honestly something that has existed in scifi for a while. Plus when you get to pvp, the lancer and it’s chainsaw take a back seat.

I’d honestly say the lancer is the iconic weapon of gears to people outside the franchise or the more pve orientated players, not the core pvp playerbase.

Every gears of war is shotgun based and thats what made them good gears 1 2 3 are great when everyone uses gnasher

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Other games don’t feature sliding sure, but there are other games with unique movement systems. (Destiny and titanfall for example. Though they are admittedly not tps.) Gears’s freedom of movement was unique back in g1/g2 but not as much now.
Personally I abuse those systems in those games to shotgun whore my heart out, BUT they are not designed around shotgun combat and some activly nerf shotguns to try to negate the playstyle made possible by the movement systems.

Gears is the only one (just about in tc gears anyway) that encourages shotgun play and has traditionaly used the rifles as supports weapons and not the other way around like most games do. I come back time and time again for the shotgun play.

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For sure, my point was that there are more things that make Gears stand out beyond the Gnasher and Lancer such as the movement. TC Gears even expanded upon that with the mantle tech for more mindgames and strategy. Also Gears has great varied gunplay, no gun feels the same in Gears which is way more than I can say for other TPS.

This one’s more of a preference, but Gears is the only one that has that brutal “punch” to the gameplay and aesthetic that other TPS just don’t have. The only other one I can think of that came close was Spec Ops: The Line.


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