Why Gears 5 is noob friendly if compared to previous Gears games (When using gnashers)

Strange that you’d think that, because I have the exact opposite experience. While it’s easy to wallbounce in both, PvE just feels less limited and clunky in general. I find it much easier to manoeuvre.

But fair enough :ok_hand:.

Clips of PC Advantage aren’t welcome here. Keep it civil!

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Yes necessarily. These games play completely different. Staying in cover is sometimes punishable in gears 5

Smh Kaz I’m not on pc😖

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Ah…I should’ve known that. It’s been a while, David.



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Staying in cover is punishable in all Gears of War games. Again, it depends on the situation and what/who you’re up against.

Most of it is the shotty and movement tunings. I mean if you’re up against good enough players the only significance I’ve noticed is bouncing just largely not as effective as it has been In most older ones (I only have about 30 mins in 4 so idk there) imo J,3,4,5,2,1 movement capabilities… also played almost none of 1 pvp or 4 as I mentioned

It’s a cover based game. Staying in cover is the fundamentals of playing gears of war. Gears 5 punishes players that stay in cover far more than any other game.

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Is there an echo in here or did you actually respond with that?


You’re not substantiating your claim you’re just saying I’m wrong.

“Depending upon the player” is too much of a simplified explanation the game is fundamentally designed to be played out of cover courteous of fast and movement and wall canceling this is where wall bouncing has been born there is no such thing as wall-bouncing at least not to the nearest degree in the earlier games.

Even with today’s game if you play and cover you just get reaction shot.

There’s no debate the game is designed to run at each other but still tries to hold a remembrance of what a cover-based game is which is why it gears five plays so terribly

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I think the easiest thing in GoW should be killing someone who’s pushing you — and TC think the hardest thing in the game should be killing someone who is pushing you. From the outset every balance choice they’ve ever made basically buffs pushing, and hinders playing for damage, some decisions have been walked back but the overall direction has never meaningfully changed. They’re absolutely obsessed with every fighting being as much of a cointoss as possible.


I shouldn’t have to. Any Gears player who’s IQ level exceeds their shoe size should know that every match can be different depending on the opponents. It’s not a “too much of a simplified explanation”.
You could get a well co-ordinated stack, you could get an overly cautious stack that will stay in cover while covering lanes with longer ranges weapons, you could get people with a far more aggressive play style that like to push as much as possible.

This is an utterly pointless debate. You cannot make one single claim in regards to gameplay and have it apply to PvP in the general sense.

That linked page doesn’t help your point either. It’s just a list of available techniques.

The game is a cover based shooter. It’s not designed for people to “run at each other”, that’s a diabolically bizarre statement. This isn’t Gears of NFL. That would be fatal. It’s designed for people to use the cover to their desire, whether it be to manoeuvre or actually take cover.

Perhaps you should rethink your strategy and it may change your outlook.

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GOW fans… the gift that keeps on giving. And a weapons-grade gift at that!

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hahaha reminds me of blood bowl

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You shouldn’t have to substantiate your argument? Then you aren’t making one at all. That’s called a bubble. Talk about an “echo chamber”. How ironic.

You are completely missing the nuances behind how gears 2006 Vs. How gears 5 plays different. Individual players is almost irrelevant to the point I’m making. The irony again about making an IQ joke when this easy concept goes right over your head.

Again, you’re completely missing the point. SMH

I just posted a source proving my point.

A list of available techniques that didn’t exist in earlier games because… they play different.

Did you miss the part where I said it’s still a fundamental cover based game? Need help reading?


Do you think all call of duty games play the same? Do you think all halo games play the same? Apparently you think all gears games play the same lol.

I know it’s cringe calling out people but I honestly think you’re just bad at the game so these subtle differences that distinguish games go right over your head.

If you actually think Gears 2006 and gears 5 play the same because they’re both cOvER bASeD or pLAYEr INDiVuaLiTY then just stop commenting.

No ■■■■ Sherlock an individual player can either sit in cover all day or rush all day. That’s not the point. There’s still an essence to how a game wants to be played.

Example, does Modern warfare play like vanguard? No. They’re completely opposite. Vanguard is a cracked out run and gun and modern warfare is a camp fest. But I doubt you’d know the difference between those either lol


Not when it’s to educate an apparent Gears fan on the common possible mentalities and strategies of the opposing team. I could easily link you to several random YouTube clips of gameplay but it’s hardly necessary unless you’re entirely uneducated in that front.

You’re attempting to change your story now. We’re discussing the Gears Versus as whole, not a specific comparison between Gears of War 1 and Gears 5. That’s an entirely different debate as there’s many clear differences, the lack of wall-cancel in the original game being the main one.

Well here’s something ironic. Those irrelevant individual players are the ones responsible for this discussion, not to mention the prosperity of the entire Franchise.

Fixed it for you.

What you posted is, as I said, just a list of available techniques. All of which have existed before Gears 5. And how exactly does this guide act as proof of Gears 5 “forcing players to rush”. If anything it’s the opposite as it discusses cover mechanics. The techniques listed can be used in a defensive or offensive manner, it just depends on how the player wants to play. I shouldn’t have to explain this.

They all existed. The very first technique in that guide is taking basic cover. Are you telling me that didn’t exist until Gears 5? If so I’d recommend different medication.

As for playing differently, it’d be very briefly at best based on the current weapon/movement tuning i.e. Up A being relatively overpowered or it being more efficient to “botwalk” than wallbounce. But in a more general sense Gears has always played the same, save for new weaponry and maps. Players may play aggressively for kills, focus on the objective or camp it out. This is not fresh information.

Have a read of what you actually said. Read it slowly though, we don’t want to risk hospitalisation:

I don’t think it’s me that needs help reading.

Call of Duty and Halo’s differences over the years in their respectively gameplay styles is an entirely different discussion altogether. That was just a godawful point you tried to make there.

Anyway, as I’ve already said I’m speaking about Gears of War in a general sense. Of course the individual games each have details that alter the gameplay (Gears 2’sTwo-Piece, Gears 3’s Sawn-Off, Gears 4’s Core Up-A). If you can’t agree with that then you have no idea what’s going on here.

Actually, I find it’s more cringeworthy when people automatically jump to the “bad at the game” retaliation when they start getting annoyed of being proven wrong. Oh so very wrong.

At what point did I say that specifically? Take the time to read my posts carefully as to not hallucinate sentences that will help your small brain develop a false sense of victory.

Your point was Gears 5 was designed to force players to run at each other:

What you’re now saying is what I’ve been saying. So if “That’s not the point” then you are deeming this discussion even more pointless than it already is.

Why are you discussing Call of Duty? That’s an entirely different ballgame. Though Modern Warfare has a mixed bunch of players with a variety of styles, from camping with the Intervention to running around with the UMP45.

This isn’t even an example of anything comparable to Gears. Not to mention the two games you mentioned have different developers, namely Infinity Ward (Modern Warfare) and Sledgehammer Games (Vanguard).

Honestly, I’d advise against reproducing.

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Random cherry picked YouTube clips aren’t substantial arguments. Go watch one hour of gameplay from 2006 and another from 2020 and tell me both games play the same lol.

My argument has been consistent from the very beginning. I said gears 5 plays different. There’s less emphasis on being a cover based game and it’s less punishing for players that don’t stay in cover compared to older games. Those were my exact words. You can try and manipulate my words all you want it’s not gonna work.

What does that have to do with anything? There’s a random shot coming out of left field :joy: are you even coherent here?

Condescending remark because you can’t refute what I’m saying

More condescending remarks because you can’t refute what I’m saying. No. Not all of them existed until up about gears 3 until the wall bouncing started. Gears 4/5 play at a much faster pace than gears 2006. That’s an irrefutable fact. Wall canceling didn’t exist in gears 2006 LMAO and it was slow and clunky in gears 2. Stupid hyper bouncing didn’t even exist until gears 4. You have no idea what you’re saying.

Again you’re missing the point. This is embarrassing. You already reinforced my point by saying games have different tunings and people play different based off those tunings. Nice job there.

Kiddo just stop. Everything you attach a condescending remark you just look childish

Kiddo I watched you completely glide over me saying the game is still fundamentally a cover based game. :joy:

HAHAHAHAHA it’s exactly the same😂 my comparison was perfect. And I did NOT compare all call of duty games. I specifically said modern warfare and vanguard. Nice swing and a miss.

You’re arguing my point :joy::joy: now add the fact that some play out of cover more than others and you will finally make an intelligent remark

You’ve never proved me wrong and you keep adding cringe worthy tags to the end of your comments and it’s hard to read. Makes me want to vomit. And you are bad at the game if you can’t tell the difference between gears 2006 and gears 5 :joy::joy:

Kiddo, my argument was clear. Gears 5 plays out of cover way more than older titles. If you’re going to argument against that then at no point do I need to assume you’re secretly agreeing with me like you’ve been doing this entire post. Sounds like you’re playing damage control and back pedaling because you have no ground to make.

Compared to older titles yes. And I provided sources. You did nothing.

Yup, you’re back pedaling

More cringy childish condescending remarks because you can’t refute what I’m saying.

The very fact that you can’t see my clear point about comparing vanguard and modern warfare and how you immediately jump to irrelevant points like playstyles and developers completely proves my point that you have no idea what I’m talking about.

If you honestly can’t tell that Vanguard is a cracked out running gun game and that modern warfare is a game designed to sit and cover and shoot out of windows with the mounting system then you really aren’t capable of responding in this post.

The irony behind all your condescending remarks when you seriously can’t see the nuances behind these games is hilarious

If you seriously can’t tell that beyond individual players purposely making individual choices; that each game has its own unique set of tunings and mechanics in which influence the flow of the game therefore each game being unique in how it plays. then you need to stop posting to this website.

The call of duty comparison was perfect. Each game are the same IP just like gears. Vanguard is designed to be a run and gun shooter. Modern warfare is designed to be played slower and promotes camping. If you’ve played both games the difference so unbelievably noticeable. You can’t walk out in the open while playing MW for more than 2 seconds without getting killed. In vanguard all you play is out in the open.

Can you camp in both games? Yes
Can you run around in both games? Yes
Does that mean your experience will be the same in both games? NO

How can you still not see what I’m saying.

Gears 4/5 is the same concept.

It’s faster pace than gears 1/2.
Everybody plays out of cover and tries to wall bounce every engagement. If you sit in cover. It’s less likely that you will win gun battles in gears 4/5 compared to older titles

Gears 1/2 is different. Most people played in covered. If you rush hard in the older games you were more likely to die.

Very simple concept.

You trying to throw in individual player decision making is so irrelevant it’s not even funny.

This is all relevant to the original post because he was asking why gears 5 is so noob friendly and I’ll say it again it is because the developers have made changes to streamline this game to appeal to a broader audience they did this by removing the importance of cover manipulation because that requires skill and strategy and changed it to something a little bit more main stream which is just run at each other and shoot. The fact that OP and just about everyone else agrees older games were harder proves my point.

Simple concepts here buddy.

I see… so you’re the one who keeps putting money in the eejit.

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I said RANDOM clips. It can’t be random AND cherry picked.

I refer you to my previous post.

The size of McDonald’s fries are more consistent than you’ve been. I know what you said and I’ve directly quoted and responded as such. It’s hardly an attempt at manipulation.

Everything, you tool. We’re all a “random individual” from a certain point of view. I know I wasn’t very obvious there. I knew you’d have difficulty understanding that.

Ironic. My edit of your sentence was a mockery of the fact you couldn’t comprehend the point I made.

What you say usually refutes what you previously said, I don’t need to do much. Wall-bouncing started before Gears 3. Where have you been? Obviously Gears 4/5 is faster than Gears of War 2. That’s hard new information.

Yes, it was me that told you wall cancelling didn’t exist in Gears of War 1, so what’s the laughing about?

Hyper-bouncing is different, we’re not talking about that. I get the impression you don’t think much before you type.

Oh I’m far from missing it. Your point is each game is played entirely different. It’s not. There has always been a level of familiarity with each games and the changes have never strayed too far from the Gears of War formula. Tuning changes are minor compared to that.
As for people, they adapt to said tuning but will always play the style that suits them personally.

There’s nothing more childish than trying to degrade someone through use of juvenile terminology on the Internet.

That’s the thing. You didn’t. Read my post again. Carefully, taking deep breaths and breaks if necessary.

It’s not the same. Gears of War is not the same as Call of Duty, so it’s comparability is minimal. It doesn’t matter what games you specified. It’s still the same Franchise.

I refer you to my paragraph above regarding your point. Your point is bizarre and makes no sense, so trust me when I say in no way would I ever even remotely consider siding with it.

You really are a broken record. Anybody with a brief experience of playing these games could prove you wrong. Common sense could prove your ridiculous point wrong.

Ah, so I’m bad at “the game” for apparently being unable to distinguish Gears of War 1 from Gears 5 despite doing it twice now?

Only an true idiot would interpret points made against him as points reinforcing his own argument. Remarkable.

Sources? Plural? You mean that list of Versus techniques you seem to think are exclusive to Gears 5?

Oooh, very nicely played. You completely turned that around there!

No. It’s hardly back peddling to question the continued significance of the argument after you attempted to start changing yours.

If you think having the OP in your corner is worth a mention then that doesn’t say much for you. Nobody else agreed with you either, don’t kid yourself.

“Simple Concepts” would be a fantastic band name for you and the OP though. Take note.

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