Why Gears 5 is noob friendly if compared to previous Gears games (When using gnashers)

I now that to wall bounce left and right towards an enemy to one shot the enemy with the gnasher requires skills … however there are players that they have almost no skills… all they do during a match is to run towards an enemy and one shot the enemy … with no wall bounce and no back A or up A … and even playing like this in many matches they can outplay experienced players … this happens because Gears 5 is noob friendly because the gnasher looks like the sawed off from Gears 3 … if you pay attention on Gears 1 2 and 3 it was a lot harder to get a kill with the gnasher without aiming while using the sawed off all you had to do is run towards your enemy and shoot with no need to aim … just like the gnasher on Gears 5

In my opinion TC should make Gears 6 more similar to previous Gears games (Gears 1 2 3) … the game needs to be less noob friendly… I would only keep the speed and the movement from Gears 5 … the speed because the game is very fast and I think this was a good change and the movement feels very smooth if compared to previous Gears

Man what? The gnasher was a 2 hit down nuke in Gears 3 on top of the game not having dedicated servers. Also, 2 pieceing existed in both 1 and 2 so calling it “a lot harder to kill” in those two games is a bit of an exaggeration.

The only time that I recall where the gnasher wasn’t noob friendly was Comp tuning in Gears 4 and that’s because the gnasher had barely any range at all.


In Gears 3 it was a lot harder to get a kill without aiming and the gib range was smaller

I never see anybody wall bounce in to get the oneshot kill, its too easy to counter their movement.

Except when the great one @SnubbbS post a clip playing FFA.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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You might be thinking of GoW4
Gears of War 3 was a bit more range required for gibs.

What a load of rubbish. PvP’s movement is awful. It’s not the slowest it’s been but it’s not far off of it. It was in no way a good change.

PvE’s movement is flawless on the other hand.

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Gears 5 compared with previous Gears is the fastest one

Clearly your memory is letting you down if you can type that and genuinely believe it. It used to be fast before Operation 5 Drop 2. From then on it’s been terrible.


Because they’re trying to streamline the game to appeal to a broader audience it’s becoming less cover base and more just run at each other and shoot like you described. With a host of other changes making it “noob friendly” as well.

So yes gears five is the easiest game of the franchise to pick up and play for somebody who has not played this game yet.

Not in my experience. Depends how clumsy you are.

Go back and play gears 1 or gears 2

You’re barely in cover in gears five it’s just about wall bouncing and running at each other

You lose what little credibility you have when you make statements like this. Fastest game in the series? Not even close dude. 4, 3, and J are all faster. Possibly even 1 and 2. Either way, Gears 5’s current tuning is one of the slowest of the series

Gow 5 is pretty fast imo

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Judgment I don’t know … but I played a lot Gears 3 and I also played Geas 1 and 2 … Gears 4 I played a while ago … Among these ones the impression I have is that Gears 5 is the fastest one … the previous ones you feel the character heavier and the movement is slower

You can’t even bounce in pve. The movement in it sucks, you just roadie run really fast.

Did you watch my clip snubbs?

smh didnt even watch my lagtage

Ok fine

I’ll watch it. I can’t wait to see you play but with your character stuttering everywhere

Not necessarily, it depends on the opponents.