Why gears 5 horde takes no skill

I didnt play gears growing up and I saw it on clearance at gamestop and I decided to get it. I loaded it up and started to play horde and i was instantly the best person in the lobby. I found this forum and I wanted to upset the community. All these gears fans are gonna get butthurt but horde literally takes zero skill. It’s a bunch of bots walking around while you sit behind a piece of cover. Level 20 classes are useless compared to me. I get mvp all the time.


If I can perform well in Horde it honestly must not be that hard

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This was so upsetting to read. Why just this morning my breakfast got ruined by some bozo saying something similar. I’ll have you know I’m very sensitive to someone criticizing my favorite game in the world that is Gears. I take it almost as though they were criticizing me personally.


Go home OP, you’re drunk

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Too young to drink my good sir :sunglasses:

And a lawbreaker to boot

Sowwy :pensive:

No paragraphs as expected but surely you can do better? a few sentences do not qualify as text wall. :innocent:

I got lazy and honestly I couldn’t think of anything else to write :pensive:

deja vu

Me in horde but it halo 2


I feel like I missed something… can someone explain wtf is going on?

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Should explain it.

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Thank you, I am now up to speed.

I wish I was that sensible when I was younger :rofl::rofl:

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Closing parody of bait thread.

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Sorry I must have gotten distracted,

Now actually closing parody bait thread :stuck_out_tongue: