Why for all 3 days of the Gears esport online broadcast from April 22 to 24 with the browser turned on and the audio with authorization , not a single point was credited for all 36 hours , although before that 300 points were credited in 1.5 hours and giv

Not a single point was credited for all 36 hours ?

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That was the Spring Major. It was not part of the Watch & Win splits. There were no points awarded. This split is now done anyway and all rewards have already been given. The points would be meaningless even if they did award them.

If you’re saying they awarded 300 points for the first 1.5 hours, the only thing I can see is that they forgot to turn off the points system before starting the Major. Wouldn’t surprise me at this point considering there is very little support.


It was a tournament so you points weren’t awarded for it. Usually the point streams are during weekdays Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

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Typically the title is the shorter, catchier one, and the post is the one with the full explanation.


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It’s like a modern movie trailer that contains all the best and relevant bits, and when you sit down to watch the actual film you don’t get anything new out of it.


AFK watching something not worth watching in any capacity whatsoever, only to not receive worthless points that can be converted into worthless crap not worth having in any way whatsoever.


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