Why dont we have a functional controller scheme that allows controller players to separate roll from cover slip?

Since we now have forced crossplay, Controller players should have a scheme that lets you separate roll from cover slip. The only scheme that lets you do this right now is the Shooter scheme. I tried remapping it like defaulternate. The problem is that for some reason on that scheme, roadie run is a click stick down to run and it has to be clicked again to stop. Roadie run is basically an auto run feature. So, if you remap run on the shooter scheme to the a button, you cant shoot out of roadie run unless you press a again. Its a whole different weird thing that puts a weird pause in between running and shooting. It just doesnt work. Its super awkward. Literally all TC needs to do is change this roadie run feature on shooter to where you press and hold to run and release to stop running. . That is all.
So, it just really feels like TC doesnt want controller players to easily split roll from cover. Yet its so easy to do on pc. I mean, controller is already at a disadvantage against m&kb. So why not at least level the playing field? And this isnt about PC hate. Ive got no problem with crossplay. I just feel like this is a feature everyone should have. Not just the pc players.


Then buy a m&k


Don’t listen to the Clown, good Doctor!

Be strong!


Just better to have input based mm, then there will be no more complaining about cross play,

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I just use Classic Alt with LB and A swapped on remap

Cover is LB, Roll/Sprint is X… I don’t really have any issues.

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Even if crossplay weren’t a thing, I’d still want an option for run and cover to be separate from roll.

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Classic alt. Although there should be individual remapping /Thread.

Default control scheme in a nutshell:


That will kill the game for m&k players

@TC_Clown in again saying for the record im all for crossplay. I dont want Input based. I just want a simple scheme with roll all by itself.

I guess the same reason why we can’t separate things like Expression/Zoom or Reload/Chainsaw-Bayonet or Execute/Melee

maybe TC can tell us why these functions are bound to each other and can’t be customized on controller

it also drives me up the wall that Y is just sitting there as a useless button in Versus with no way to bind one of these dual function abilities to it. (Default scheme)

Y would they do that?

see what I did there?..I’ll show myself out

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wish they’d let me remap roll to left stick click & roadie / cover stays on A

Yes, such a simple solution… Sadly they don’t care though

I use classic alt with the sticks switched and some other buttons reconfigured, found it on Youtube and works great.

However, it would be great to be able to separate chainsaw from reload, as my wife can do on PC. It happens to often that I want to use the saw and fail-reload instead.

Classic alt badly needs to be fixed — you roll off covers by pressing A, plus you can Up-A and Hop over covers by pressing X.

They are in league with Mouse and Keyboard manufacturers,
Gotta fill their quota!

Seriously though, I never got why alot of games don’t make the Controller freely configurable like keybinds.
I mean it’s really not just gears,